To see a real man leading a nation as an actual grown-up makes watching our present egotistical adolescent even more painful as he pretends to be a real President.

Observing Barack Hussein Obama’s recent treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu and the people of the nation of Israel, one of our most steadfast allies, was excruciating.   This narcissistic neophyte proved himself to be, again, (though this was the most extreme example thus far in his completely disastrous ‘foreign policy’), clueless, and classless.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been, in his entire life, as strong and resolute, and as devoted to his nation, as a man can be.  He is also a brilliant, and a brave man from an extraordinary Israeli family.  His older brother, Lt. Col. Yoni Netanyahu, with whom Benjamin was extremely close, was one of the few military officers killed in the extraordinary Israeli military raid on Entebbe, in Uganda, to rescue passengers of an Air France flight from Israel that had been kidnapped by Arab terrorists.  Lt. Col. Netanyahu was one of the leaders of the group that accomplished this amazing feat, which succeeded in getting everyone out alive and uninjured with only one exception, and at the sacrifice of his own life.  This sacrifice was one of the reasons Benjamin Netanyahu entered public service.

Benjamin Netanyahu is also a very tough guy.

You do not mess around with Bibi Netanyahu.

At one time with the Israeli Diplomatic service, Mr. Netanyahu served as DCM (Deputy Chief of Mission, in effect, the Deputy Ambassador) at his country’s Embassy in Washington.  As the Staff Director of a U.S. Senate Subcommittee at the time that was preparing a hearing on certain aspects of international terrorism, I met with Mr. Netanyahu to invite him to testify.   I told Minister Netanyahu that he had to appear at our hearing on drug trafficking and terrorism, and that the subcommittee had subpoena power.  He responded with a version of the following:  "Yeah, right.  Like you’ll see me there.  Want to go to lunch?"

He was magnificent, and of course he never appeared before the committee.  He did call me a few days after the hearing, and asked how it went.  I told him, and his response was, "Want to go to lunch?"

Did I mention that Mr. Netanyahu was gorgeous?  That he emanated power?  He did, and from what I understand, still is, and still does.

One could see this in his recent speech at the UN, that preposterous anti-American and anti-Israeli joke of an organization that regularly calls Israeli leaders to speak to its ‘Security Council’ solely so that its members can berate and condemn the beleagured county.  In the most recent example of this, Netanyahu was sandwiched between two of the more ridiculous ‘leaders’ of Muslim countries; the perennially hilarious, though still dangerous, Muammar al-Ghaddaffi of Libya, and the diminutive maniac heading Iran’s government, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.   The comparison was remarkable.

Benjamin Netanyahu was serious, eloquent and unlike the speakers whom he proceeded, and whom he preceded, sane.  He was also right.

He called shame down on the body that was complicit in treating these two lunatics as if they were serious leaders, implementing serious policies.  Both Ghaddaffi and Ahmadinejad not only repeatedly refuse to recognize the right of Israel to exist, they also both frequently call for the destruction of the nation of Israel, for no other reason than its citizens are of the Jewish faith.  It was a brilliant moment for Netanyahu, but the UN doesn’t have many brilliant moments, if any, and so can’t recognize one when it happens.  It much more often resembles the bar scene in ‘Star Wars’.

Then another clownish figure on the world stage, our second in command, Joe Biden, visited Israel to make the usual unreasonable demands on that nation, the ostensible reason being to resume the mythical peace process between Israel and Palestine.  He discovered – and he was shocked, shocked – to find that there were some new apartments being built in Jerusalem, as it had been determined by Israeli government officials that more housing was needed in that part of the city.  Obama, it was reported, was absolutely incensed that the decision of a sovereign nation to build needed housing in ITS OWN CAPITAL was being contemplated, and this was immediately conveyed to the Israeli leader.  This was done in a public manner so insulting and contemptuous that it is unforeseen in Israeli/American relations.

It is perhaps telling that Obama has yet to be the least bit upset at the Iranians ignoring our demands (actually Obama demands nothing of our Muslim brethren; he asks politely) (begging I believe is the operative word) that they stop working to acquire nuclear weapons; at the same country’s murdering its own young women and other participants in peaceful protests in their streets without a peep of objection from our fearless leader; at North Korea ignoring our requests that they not fire nuclear warheads at the American state of Hawaii; at the Russian invasion of its peaceful neighbor of Georgia.  All of these and more are not worth Barack Hussein Obama getting the least bit upset about, but when those despicable Israelis dare to build 1600 apartments in their own capital, there was international hell to pay.

Our current President clearly prefers our enemies to our friends.  He actually has, in his service as our leader for just over a year and a quarter, managed to insult every ally we used to have, at the same time that he hugs Hugo Chavez, bows to the Saudi King, and expresses universal reverence for every terrorist thug running a Muslim hellhole anywhere in the world.

But what our so-called President did, and attempted to do, to Benjamin Netanyahu, no one has ever seen an American leader do to a head of state of another nation – even one with whom we have been at war.

The Prime Minister came to Washington and agreed to meet with Obama to discuss the issue, and Obama not only would not pose for a photograph with Netanyahu (which is a normal occurrence for visiting heads of state), our gaucheist in chief refused to negotiate in any way, only commanding his fellow head of state that his orders be followed, (Obama in fact handed a list of 13 demands to the Israeli leader, among them to stop the aforementioned apartment construction).  Prime Minister Netanyahu would not allow himself to be bullied, and, in protecting the country he loves and serves so well, would not back down from the seemingly harmless construction in question.  As he pointed out to Obama, “Jerusalem is the capital of my country.  It is not a settlement.”

Obama then flounced out of the room in the White House where he had been meeting with the Prime Minister, telling Netanyahu to consider “the error of his ways,” and our President went upstairs to dine with his wife and daughters.  He instructed Mr. Netanyahu, who was left to cool his heels in their meeting room with his advisors, to “let me know when there’s something new.”  The Prime Minister was left there for an appropriately (for Obama) insulting period of time, and when Obama did manage to come back to the meeting room, he found that there was in fact ‘nothing new.’ The Netanyahu entourage was then sent forth from the White House, without being allowed to speak to either nation’s press.

You have to love how Benjamin Netanyahu said ‘screw you’ to Obama and his Administration.

It was said by an observer that the Prime Minister was afforded by Obama, personally, “treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea.”

It was later observed that Obama would never treat the president of Equatorial Guinea in such a way.

American presidents do not behave how this pathetic excuse for a leader representing the strongest nation on Earth behaved.  American Presidents do not behave in a blatantly anti-Semitic manner.  American Presidents do not act like petulant children when a fellow head of state doesn’t take his orders.   American Presidents, in fact, who are the head diplomats representing our nation, do not flat out issue orders to a head of another sovereign nation

American Presidents do not embarrass and humiliate their nation and its citizens by acting, on the world stage, like an African colonial despot of a third world banana republic.

Israel has been, since its inception, a stalwart friend to the United States, as we have been to that country and its citizens. That nation is (as quoted from House Minority Leader John Boehner), “our closest friend, the strongest democracy and our most important military ally” in that part of the world, and it has remained so for decades, despite being surrounded on every side by nations who want, and work toward, Israel’s annihilation.  The incredibly brave, proud and largely solitary nation and its people, have consistently been treated by American leaders with the respect that it and they deserve, until, in yet another ignominious first on the part of Obama, hope and change came to America.

Prime Minister, I am sorry we were never able to have that lunch, but I am grateful for the opportunity to assure you that Barack Hussein Obama does not represent the American people.

The vast majority of Americans stand with you, the brave leader of the bravest of nations.

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