Making a list: Who is most to blame for America's decline?

I am presently in a terrible conundrum.

I can’t figure out whether it is feminism, environmentalism or the unions that is responsible for the near destruction of America.


Demographically, of course, feminism is the culprit.  Not only has it been directly responsible for the lack of progeny in America and the west in general, but it is primarily responsible for women leaving the home and doing whatever, most of which the members of the feminist community, forced ot otherwise, don’t seem to like; in fact, they are an angry lot, very angry. 

Women, because of the many and outrageous screeds of the feminists of the 20th century, aren’t quite sure what they’re so angry about – it’s sure not about Bill Clinton and his abuse of women, (rape, groping, ‘kiss it,’ bj to an adolescent in his employ, et cetera; all of that seemed to be fine with the most outrageous of their complainants) – it’s about, well, I don’t quite know. 

I think it’s mostly about killing babies legally. As a woman, I have never been able to figure it out.  They are angry, the feminists, they hate men, they hate Republicans, they hate conservatives, they seem to hate anyone who doesn’t espouse abortion. 

On the other hand, all they seem to love is the serial philanderer Bill Clinton, and killing babies in the womb. Pretty simple. So this brilliant philosophy and the enactment thereof has resulted in the following: a birthrate in western nations in the majority of unsustainability of the continuance of these nations; a divorce rate of well over 50 percent; a rate of abortion so high among the black community in the U.S. that it has made this group no longer the leading minority in America; a rate of sexually trasmitted diseases among female children in America not seen anywhere else in the world, not even in AIDS ridden Africa. 


Conversely, women, post-feminism, live lives so difficult that no one ever thought independent women would be forced to live.  And who are the so-called role models for female nightmare? 

The completely repulsive and restructured Jane Fonda?  The even more-repulsive-than-Howard Dean Debbie Wasserman Shultz? The women who-knows-what-she-looked-like-pre at least a dozen plastic surgeries liberal hypocrite Nancy Pelosi? 

The very sad, very fat and tragically pathetic Hillary Clinton? Thanks to feminism, we have many fewer children, STD ridden teenagers, miserably unhappy workaholics, a dramatic reduction in marriages, an equally dramatic increase in abortions, and a sexual license that doesn’t make the men or the women involved happy. 

Thank you, leftists.

Now, let’s see what wonders the environmentalists have wrought. In the America that used to be free, we were able to choose what kind of light bulb we wanted to insert into our lamp, what kind of toilet we wanted to have in our bathroom, what kind of car we wanted to drive, how many children we wanted to have, what kind of car we wanted to drive, what we wanted to eat, whether we wanted to wear fur or leather, and actually, whether we really owned the property we had paid for. 

Then, thanks to the new left religion of environmentalism, quelle suprise!  Here came the federal government telling us to get out of the property we thought we owned, and that that was inviolate, but no, they owned it , no proof required in Obama’s America, the government wants it, and that’s all it took.


The reason for one or all of these outrageous demands, commands, requests – the government supercedes the individual.

This is America, where no one is above the individual. Welcome to Obama’s America. This is not so in Obama’s America – the state, surprisingly similar to the Soviet Union we had conquered some years ago, don’t you know – in this new world, the state is supreme, and what is convenient for the individual, should it not be equally convenient for the state – you, the individual, are screwed.  Your property, your ownership, your desire, your progeny, your work, your rights as an American citizen – too bad.

The state, thanks to the current and tragic supremacy of the left in America, now has the right to do whatever they want to you, for the sake of an insect, a non-existent endangered species, a fish, a bureaucrat’s whim, a federal department’s press release, or a beleaugured president’s poll numbers. 

These and whatever serves the state matters so much more than the fact that an individual’s livelihood and family will be destroyed, a state’s finances will be decimated, an area’s economy can be annhialated, despite what is being claimed is entirely untrue and could devastate all or any of the above. 

Environmentalists could not care less; the more of what exists now that achieves this destruction, the better and the easier to enhance their philosophy and agenda, no matter how unrealistic and how destructive to the United States. 


The aforementioned United States and its people are incidental; their agenda and its leaders are the only things that are no expendable in their rather extraordinary plans for the future of America.

Current administration policy, and its many adherents, favor these extremists, at the expense of the country they govern, and the people of the United States of America are their victims.

Thanks again, leftoids.

As the great Mark Steyn says, “the automobile companies in America,” especially after the extraordinarily ill-judged bailout by our taxpayer money, are actually “pension programs disguised as car companies.” 

The unions of the USA have garnered such political power, in only one political party, that they can basically elect a president, no matter how illegal and illegitimate. Witness our last election, along with the plans for the next. Oy.

There is constant complaint, normally blamed on the conservatives, of corporations placing their businesses overseas, and the reasons for this is always placed at the foot of the greedy capitalists, et cetera.

The real reason for this destructive practice is believe it or not – the unions.  They have made and gotten concessions for so many pension and other benefits that these companies have had no choice but to place their enterprises somewhere, sadly outside of the U.S., where they can make a profit.


here is also the tax situation, a situation arranged by the left placing American businesses in the position that they have no choice but to capture whatever alternative, including going overseas, to maintain their existence. The pensions that are demanded by those who work in leftist controlled unions are so outrageous that it has become obvious to everyone that there is something very wrong with this system, especially that which espouses public service unions.

The exceptions to this rule might be those, an astonishingly high number, who enjoy a six figure pension while never making an equivalent during his or her working life. 

The stories of such abuses, always before hidden by the MSM, are now legion.  Add to them the current corrupt union practices over which the American people have no say, but for which unwilling union members must pay, and the continued abuse of the system by the left is obvious.

This is all fine with our current administration; in fact it is welcome, as crony government has never before been on such display, so extreme, so active and so lauded by its constituents.  And the press, forever the friends of the current leftist government and its adherents, doesn’t seem to see anything here worth paying attention to.

So, which is it which is most responsible for the near destruction of America – the feminists, the environmentalists, or the unions? 


Or is it just the left, who is close to achieving its goal of destroying America?

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