What's Going On in North Carolina Should Cause Gun Store Owners to Worry

Police are investigating yet another gun store robbery in North Carolina.

On October 21, just before 3 a.m., an SUV crashed into the side door of Eagle Guns and Range in Concord, NC. The vehicle used, a Mercedes SUV, was reported stolen from Charlotte on October 16. The car left a gaping hole in the side of the shop.


The thieves used the hole to gain entry to the store. Police have not disclosed how many weapons were stolen. However, according to WSOC TV, the store owner told Channel 9 that at least 10 guns were missing. He also said someone tried breaking into his shop two weeks earlier.

The incident is the latest in a series of pawn and gun shop robberies in the area—many of which use similar techniques.

On Tuesday, October 18, someone broke in through the roof of Ideal Sportsman in Concord in an attempt to steal weapons.

And last month two other gun shops were robbed. On September 27, Aim and Defend in Lowell was broken into. Security footage shows suspects breaking through the front door, bending the security bars and entering the store to steal weapons. That same day, a stolen car was used to break through the front doors of Repent Arms in Concord, where thirteen guns were stolen.

According to WSOC TV, more than 420 guns have been stolen in the Charlotte area this year.

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