Should You Grab Girly Guns and Gear for Your Lady This Holiday Season?

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As the holiday season approaches and you’re trying to decide what guns or gear to get your favorite gal, the thought of bestowing her with lavishly girly gifts might come to mind. But do women really like overly girl guns and gear or should you keep things more low-key? is here to help you decipher the female code to determine the best style of gift for your favorite gun girl.



At its core, the decision is dependent on each individual woman. No two women are alike – some enjoy the over-the-top glitz and glam of rhinestone ear protection or pink guns while others lament the thought of anything overly feminine. It’s a case of knowing your audience. Knowing what kind of gun girl you have on hand will make the shopping experience easier.

As with anything relating to women, communication is key. If possible, directly ask what’s on her gun or gear wish list. If that’s less than ideal, do some snooping. Pay attention to products she likes. Does she naturally gravitate towards the color purple? Then she might appreciate a purple mag loader to go with her range gear. On the other hand, if you notice her everyday life is full of muted colors and designs, then it might be best to stick with those color themes.

The other factor to take into consideration is whether or not she likes to draw attention to herself. If she loves florals but tends to be a wallflower then a bright pink flowered range bag may bring unwanted scrutiny at the range. In that case a simple, understated range get-up would be better received and make her less uncomfortable.


While shopping, also consider the practicality of the gift. Above anything, most girls favor usefulness. Though the rhinestone eye protection may look gorgeous, if she wears regular glasses standard eye protection won’t do her any good no matter how cute it is. Looking for gifts that will help her on her gun journey – ammunition, targets, a gun safe, range memberships, etc. – are always preferred over items that are all looks.


When it comes to pink guns most women in the gun industry will say it’s best to stay away from pink. For many women it’s considered condescending. Not to mention, not every woman loves the color pink. Typically, women want the same things as men when it comes to firearms – a reliable gun that can be used accordingly. Color isn’t always a factor in that decision. The only time it’s recommended to spring for a pink gun is if the lady has specifically pointed out that she wants a pink gun. In that case, it’s fair game.

Optimally, when buying a gun for the lady in your life it’s best to let her do the picking as she’ll be the one using it. Consider a gift card or, better yet, take her through’s online inventory. Make notes of guns she expresses interest in. After she’s safely away from the computer, head back to and nab a gun from her list to ensure you’ve got the perfect gun gift under the tree.


At the end of the day, don’t go out of your way to grab girly gifts unless the lady in your life has specifically pointed to those products as something she desires in her firearm or gear collection. Focus less on the femininity of the gift and instead choose items she can use to help her achieve her shooting goals.

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