Dead Foot Arms Brings the Funky and Extraordinary to SHOT Show (VIDEO)

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Dead Foot Arms, the creators of the folding AR-15 stock, are no strangers to the unusual and exotic. They didn’t disappoint at SHOT Show 2019 showing up with some of the funkiest guns to hit the show floor. Ted Schumacher, CEO of Dead Foot Arms, started by showing us the one and only FoldAR. Even though the FoldAR is nothing new, debuting around TriggrCon last year, he told us that sales have been great and that the company has received really solid feedback. “We’re working to sell this with a case, so you could put this in the center console of your truck, or anywhere. It really is a compact little package,” Schumacher told us.


Moving on from the little folder Schumacher next showed us the monstrosity that he dubbed ‘The Mad Max gun.’ In partnership with Tactical Advantage Armory they built this one-of-a-kind 88-round PAP AK. It features a modified version of DFA’s own folding stock to make it look like thick chain. The pistol grip is made of motorcycle chain and 1-inch nuts welded together to give it that grungy feel. The 88-round Bad Element magazine and handguard are covered with expanded metal to make it look even more post-apocalyptic. Not to be outdone the 2 ¼ x 3-inch crown jewel that sits at the end of the muzzle is a custom device made of titanium that your not bound to see anywhere else.

Not to be outdone, Schumacher also showed us ‘The Joker gun’ to keep in line with the whole movie theme they’re going with. This time DFA partnered with Dark Alliance to make this truly unique gun based off Heath Ledgers Joker in the Dark Knight. Although Schumacher didn’t know the exact number of hours it took to engrave this gun he estimated it was well over 20.


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