These Books on Amazon Will have You Laughing About Our Current Political State

Need a good laugh? The world of political cartoons is here to help. Check out these gut-busting collections created by conservatives for conservatives. From the work of A.F. Branco to Ben Garrison, these comics will have you rolling.


Comically Incorrect: A Collection of Politically-Incorrect Comics Volume 1 by A.F. Branco

In this book, I present a portion of my political perspective, one which I believe is shared by many Americans. May this collection serve to make you laugh, make you think, and to help remind you that the things that made America great are being challenged but they are still worth fighting for. – Antonio Branco, conservative artist and cartoonist.


Give Me Liberty or Give Me Obamacare By Michael Ramirez

This book is a trenchant and outright hilarious collection of political cartoons, presenting a wonderfully intelligent and beautifully drawn snapshot of the absurdities of the Obama presidency. Ramirez tackles everything from Obamacare to the economy, foreign policy to culture wars, the environment, and much more.


Bok! The 9.11 Crisis in Political Cartoons (Series on International, Political, and Economic History) By Chip Bok

Has the world changed since September 11, 2001? It has for at least one band of subversive operatives who scheme in the shadows to ambush politicians. I’m speaking, of course, of the small yet poorly organized cells of individuals who take advantage of the freedoms this nation provides in order to carry out their roles as political cartoonists. I’m one of them and this is my story.



Asay Doodles Goes To Town By Chuck Asay

The syndicated editorial cartoonist of the Gazette Telegraph (Colorado Springs) expresses outrage at the assaults on our freedom, the loss of liberties, and at the destruction of the very fabric of our society.


The Cartoon History of the United States By Larry Gonick

Larry Gonick has been creating comics that explain history, science, and other big subjects for more than thirty years. From the first English colonies to the Gulf War and the S&L debacle, Larry Gonick spells it all out from his unique cartoon perspective.


Lock Them Up!: A Ben Garrison Cartoon Collection By Ben Garrison

From the moment Trump was sworn in as President to the Mueller witch hunt, it’s all chronicled here in Ben’s hard-hitting style. Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCain, Mueller and more get the “treatment” as no one is spared. The book contains 140 pages in full color and exclusive cartoons that have never been released to the public. This book also contains Ben’s most infamous cartoon “Making the First Lady Great Again” seen by millions.


Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion: Investor’s Business Daily Pulitzer Prize-Winning Editorial Cartoonist By Michael Ramirez


Michael Ramirez, the internationally known editorial cartoonist for Investor’s Business Daily, offers a comprehensive collection of his award-winning cartoons. Each cartoon shows that a picture is worth a thousand words and transforms the news into eye-catching, provocative, and hilarious images. His commentary is on everything from the economy and markets to politics and international affairs.


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