BA Gift Guide- Five Fantastic Concealed Carry Purses

Concealed carry purses are a popular option for many women who choose to carry a gun in self-defense (not to mention a popular gift for those married or dating women who carry). We’ve picked out a variety of handbags in styles and sizes, but all of the purses we’ve selected below have one thing in common: they can be carried cross-body style, which is critically important for a more secured firearm.  You don’t want to suddenly be disarmed if your bag is ripped out of your hands or off your shoulder, but cross-body carry minimizes those risks.


Browning Sierra Cross-Body Concealed Carry Handbag This purse comes with a lockable zipper for increased security, as well as a hidden key ring so you can easily store and find the key if need be. An internal holster can be fitted on the right or left side of the bag, and can also rotate and adjust for your personal fit. As noted, the purse can be worn across the body, which makes it much harder for thieves to pull off a snatch-and-grab, and the internal organized pockets allow for plenty of extra storage.


Ella Tote by Lady Conceal This tote-style bag features a lockable YYK zipper and four keys, along with a braided adjustable crossbody strap (though you can carry the bag using the handles as well). Inside the fully-lined compartment you’ll find two open slip pockets for your cell phone, as well as a large zippered pocket, and a universal holster that’s held in the concealment pocket with double-sided Velcro. The ambidextrous locking concealed carry compartment measures approximately 9” W x 6.25” H and can easily hold a large frame handgun.


Montana West Hobo Purse This genuine leather purse is smaller than the first two on our list, so if you’re walking around with a full size or large frame handgun, this probably isn’t the purse for you. If your every day carry gun is something more compact, on the other hand, this hobo purse by Montana West will suit you just fine, and you’ll still have plenty of room left over for your cell phone, keys, and other necessities. There’s a double-zippered center compartment that allows for ambidextrous holster placement, while the main compartment has two open pockets and a zippered pouch as well. You can carry the bag using removable handles or a crossbody strap, the bag stays closed thanks to a top zipper closure in addition to a magnetic flap.



MoonStruck Leather Butternut Crocodile Leather Concealed Carry Purse – This beautiful purse is handcrafted in the Lone Star State, and each purse and holster are meticulously hand cut, sewn and constructed by leather craftsmen with years of experience. This purse is the smallest of all that we’re highlighting however, at 4″ wide, 10″ high, and 9″ long. Again, this isn’t the carry purse if you’re walking around with a 1911, but a compact or micro-compact pistol will fit comfortably inside the bag.

The purse comes with a zippered concealment pocket and an included adjustable holster; interior pockets for additional magazines if necessary; and a zippered back pocket for phone, keys and other essentials.


Jessie & James Top Handle Handbag From the smallest of our purses to the largest. This top-handled handbag from Jessie & James is 13.5″ wide, 10.5″ tall, and 4.5″ deep, with a 10″W x 7″H concealed carry pocket that’s large enough for a full-size handgun. The two-zippered opening allows for easy access no matter your dominant hand, though the carry compartment itself has been designed for right-handed gun owners and lefties may prefer another option. The bag comes with both a matching wallet and an adjustable holster that can be secured in the zippered and lockable carry compartment. There are several sizable zippered pockets in the interior of the handbag as well, and the crossbody strap allows for greater security for those who want it.


There are obviously hundreds of choices for concealed carry purses, but look for those bags that allow for cross-body wear, are ambidextrous in design, and can be locked to ensure inquisitive kids and other unwanted attempts to access your purse will still allow you to keep your gun secured.

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