BA Gift Guide - Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For 2A Lovers

Hopefully you’re almost finished with your Christmas shopping (hopefully), but if you’re in need of a last minute gift for the gun lover in your life, here are some options under $20 perfect for a stocking stuffer or a small present under the tree for all the Second Amendment supporters in your life.


 I’m Your Huckleberry Patch –  Defend the right to keep and bear arms? You’re a daisy if you do, and this Doc Holliday-inspired patch will let the world know where you stand on the Second Amendment and the iconic western film Tombstone.

 Buck Wear Men’s Gadsden SockTread wherever you like in this Gadsden flag-inspired socks, though be aware that these aren’t snake-proof. These snazzy socks feature an athletic rib, arch support, reinforced heel, toe cushioning, and a seamless toe closure. Fits most sizes 9-15.

 TacX Pro Gear Ankle Holster The perfect accessory for your pro-2A socks, the TacX ankle holster allows for carry on either leg, and is constructed out of breathable, sweat-resistant neoprene and hook-and-loop adjustability. The universal holster fits a range of firearms from compacts to full-size, and even comes with a bonus TacLite LED flashlight.

 Arcturus Silicone-Treated Handgun Socks (4-pack) Socks aren’t just for feet, you know. You can also get socks for your guns, and these handgun socks from Arcturus will keep dust and dirt away from your handguns while they’re stored or you’re traveling to the range. The 3.5 x 16″ socks feature a drawstring enclosure on one end, and the silicon-treated fabric doesn’t hold in moisture, which helps to prevent oxidation and rust. You can also get your gun socks in a rifle-sized version as well.


  Splatterburst Targets 12 x18 inch Silhouette Shooting Target You’ll have no trouble seeing your shot patterns when you use the Splatterburst targets, thanks to the fluorescent yellow bursts that appear with every hit to the silhouette target. Made in the USA and for use from Airsoft rifles to hand cannons and even shotguns.

 Bullet Chillers Set of 6 For those who like their bourbon or whiskey neat, but still like a little chill. Keep these bullet-shaped stainless steel chillers in the freezer and simply drop a couple into your rocks glass with your favorite libation. Only takes an hour to freeze and comes with a storage pouch and a pair of tongs for precision placement and retrieval. Also pairs perfectly with these whiskey glasses.

 SOG MacV Tool This handy little multi-tool is TSA compliant and attaches to a key ring, providing you with instant access to a number of tools like a small flathead driver, large flathead driver, small Phillips driver, line cutter, blade sharpener, 1/4” wrench, 5/16” wrench, 3/8” wrench and 1/4” hex bit driver, as well as a bottle opener.

 Green Army Man Bottle Opener Not nearly as multi-functional as the SOG bottle opener above, but how can you resist the design? Made from die-cast metal and not soft plastic, the green army man is a fun addition to your home bar. And honestly, even if you don’t buy this, you should click the link just to read the wonderfully weird product description.


Our last suggestion for a 2A-related stocking stuffer doesn’t have much visual appeal, but it may be the most important pick on the list: a membership to a Second Amendment organization. Whether it’s the NRA, the Second Amendment FoundationGun Owners of America, the Firearms Policy Coalition, or your local state-level 2A org, a membership help all of us keep our Second Amendment secure in the months ahead.

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