A recent New York Times story claims that strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown was initially shot inside Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s police SUV while apparently battling for control of Wilson’s gun.

The story further states that the FBI doesn’t seem to have evidence to support the filing of civil rights charges against Wilson. Activists and agitators apparently fear that the physical evidence—evidence also known by the grand jury investigating the shooting—justifies the initial shooting of Michael Brown inside the police vehicle.

Nothing in the article addresses the main focus of the shooting inquiry, which is concerned with the shooting of Michael Brown outside the vehicle by Officer Wilson.

Nonetheless, the account damages the narrative mythology that activists, family members, and agitators have attempted to create that the much smaller Wilson improbably attempted to pull the 6″4″, 292 lbs Brown into the officer’s Chevrolet Tahoe through the driver’s side window.

Casting doubt on that mythology is dangerous to the morale of the protesters, and so they are responding to the Times account with outrage.

Brown’s family furiously claims God himself will take retribution on Officer Wilson and unnamed others, with Brown’s Aunt Sheryl Davis stating, “It’s murder and they will feel and see the wrath of God’s vengeance come upon them in a mighty way, just as he promised all who do evil in his sight.”

Note that she did not say “he” and “him.” She said “they” and “them.”

In her mind, society must be punished because her nephew was shot after apparently committing two felonies.

Davis’s fury appears to be little more than an attempt at theological justification for the violence most expect to come if officer Darren Wilson is either not indicted by the grand jury, or is indicted, but not convicted.

Her position—like the position of the majority of the protesters—was formed based on rumor and the less-than-credible claims of Dorian Johnson, AKA “the boy who cried wolf,” a person that Investors Business Daily describes as, “a hoodlum with a history of making false statements to police.” Johnson claims to have witnessed Michael Brown being executed by Darren Wilson. At least one eyewitness has cast serious doubt on his story, and said to the grand jury that he saw Johnson took off running down the street once Michael Brown was shot in the struggle over Wilson’s gun in the officer’s SUV, and that Johnson couldn’t have seen anything he claims to have witnessed after that.

Race relations in the St. Louis area have entered a Twilight Zone where maintaining the narrative of “an innocent boy murdered by a racist cop” seems far more important for the agitators that dealing with the messy reality that Brown was a strong-arm robbery suspect who apparently committed felony battery against a police officer just seconds before he was shot and killed.

Sadly, Ferguson’s agitators aren’t interested in dispassionate justice based on facts and evidence.

They seem only interested in a judicially-sanctioned lynching, and if they can’t find a way to lynch officer Darren Wilson through the courts, they’re going to do the next best thing and violent lynch the town of Ferguson itself… if not the entire nation… through riots.

Reason has long ago abandoned Ferguson, if it was ever part of the discussion at all.

Ferguson “activists” around the nation are attempting to extort “justice,” promising riots, looting, and what certainly sounds like race-based revenge attacks if their lynching of officer Wilson isn’t supported by a murder conviction.

This isn’t activism. This isn’t a search for justice.

This is the overt plotting of domestic terrorism.

These potential terrorists leave law-abiding citizens around the nation with an unenviable choice.

They can hope that the agitators who are promising this violence aren’t serious and won’t follow through on their plans to commit widespread mass violence if the grand jury does not find there is evidence of a crime.

Citizens elsewhere in the nation can hope that the violence remains localized to the greater St. Louis area, and that there won’t riots and arson in other cities.

Or citizens can be proactive in defense of their homes, businesses, and families.

They can learn the nuances of self-defense laws in their states. They can acquire semi-automatic firearms and multiple standard capacity magazines. They can avail themselves of firearms training with a local instructor, who can show them how to safely and effectively use their firearms in defense of that which they hold dear. They can talk to and network with their neighbors to put up a formidable united front against any terrorist mob intent on committing violence in their neighborhoods.

There are businesses in Ferguson that remain standing right now where others had burned to the ground because armed citizens served as a credible deterrent.

Good Americans do not riot and commit felonies against their fellow citizens for perceived injustices.

They do not riot, they do not loot, they do not terrorize their fellow citizens, and hold their cities hostage.

Let’s hope that violence can be averted, whatever the grand jury decides.

If the agitators do become domestic terrorists, however, let us hope that good citizens are able to successfully and lawfully defend their lives and their liberty against the violent mob.