STOP "HAMMER" TIME: Woman Freed After Domestic Shooting Is Deemed Self-Defense

Jessica Hopper, 32, has been freed after an Oklahoma prosecutor and sheriff determined through their investigation that her decision to shoot her live-in boyfriend Felix “Hammer” Clayton Williams, 43, during a domestic dispute was a legitimate case of self-defense:

Jessica L. Hopper, 32, was arrested last Wednesday, November 12, after fatally shooting Felix Clayton Williams, III, 43, at the home they shared eight miles south of Lindsay.

According to Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes, the investigation into the shooting revealed it was in self-defense.

“After looking at the evidence and reviewing statements by Miss Hopper, the DA and I agree this was a case of justifiable homicide,” Rhodes told the News Star.

According to Rhodes, there were two 911 calls made to the 911 Call Center that Wednesday morning.

“The first call came in around 9:18,” he said. “Miss Hopper had called 911 and put the phone down to let the dispatcher know there was a domestic argument going on.”

Rhodes said during the call Williams allegedly threatened to shoot Hopper, but, according to her statements, he put the gun down in another room.

That’s when Hopper grabbed the gun to prevent him from using it against her, Rhodes added.

At that point Williams allegedly became angry with Hopper for taking the gun and began to physically abuse her.

“That’s when she fatally shot Mr. Williams,” Rhodes said.

This incident was particularly notable in that this was an “open” 911 call (Hopper had placed the call, and left the phone off the hook), and there was recorded audio that helped corroborate Hopper’s self-defense claim.

The couple had a young daughter (different news accounts place her age as either 16 months or two years) who was sadly present for the abuse and the shooting, who was placed in the care of state DHS officials while Ms. Hopper was incarcerated.

Fortunately neither the girl nor her mother were seriously injured by Mr. Williams.