A 27-year-old man with outstanding warrants was shot numerous times as he attempted to assault and rob an elderly woman in Indianapolis at gunpoint. The woman’s husband to exception to the thug’s behavior and shot him numerous times.

A man was reportedly trying to rob an elderly woman when he was critically shot on the east side Monday afternoon.

Anthony Talley, 27, was shot several times in the 700 block of North Bosart Avenue just after 4:30 p.m. EMS personnel took him to the hospital in critical condition. He was still listed as critical late Monday night.

Witnesses later told police Talley was trying to rob an elderly female business owner inside her rental office at the time. As he pointed a gun at the woman, the victim’s husband appeared from the back of the house. He feared his wife was in danger, so he shot Talley.

The elderly couple was not hurt.

Talley’s criminal record included arrests for resisting law enforcement, firearms charges, and possession of cocaine.

Gun control groups would have preferred that the younger, stronger felon not face the threat of armed senior citizens.

We frankly don’t care what they think.