The Great Misery

The Great Misery has settled in upon us and our president remains clueless.When all President Obama seemingly does is jet from one campaign fundraiser to the other, play golf and hold self promoting press conferences to announce a new voting block bid, I suspect its easy to say the private sector is doing fine.Our president is completely out-of-touch.

With real unemployment clipping along at fifteen percent or higher, the private sector is an economic train wreck.

We have one of the worst economies since the Great Depression thanks in large part to the president’s big government policies that are strangling the life out of the not doing so fine private sector.  Historians would be wise to remember this time as the Great Misery.

The president was supposed to fix this, not make it worse.  I seem to recall that he said something three or so years ago that if he didn’t fix the economy he didn’t deserve a second term.

He was right then and he’s right now:  he doesn’t deserve a second term so that he can extend the Great Misery for another four years.

Truthful economists and historians make the argument that the Great Depression was worsened due to the federal government meddling around trying to “fix the economy” when it was well on its way to correcting itself. The same will be written about Obama’s Great Misery.

When the president could have let the free market correct itself, like any good socialist who believes more government control is the panacea, the president inserted his big government ideas and promptly created the Great Misery.  And he now wants four more years to tinker around which will only extend the Great Misery for four more years.

President Obama owns the Great Misery.  Blame President Bush all he wants, but President Obama is the architect and owns the Great Misery lock, stock and barrel.  He’s the engineer of the Great Misery Express.  All aboard.

Government meddling in the affairs of the private sector never works.  The purpose of a responsible government that respects the free market –- the engine of our economy — is to largely get out of the way the entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Let the big dogs run.

Our federal government created the economic malaise in which we find ourselves by meddling in real estate which ultimately caused the real estate bubble to burst. Had Fedzilla not forced lower underwriting standards on the housing finance market, we would probably have avoided the 2008 collapse or at least greatly reduced its impact.

There is no doubt there are shifty, greedy shysters on Wall Street who unabashedly thumb their nose at the law.  When these punks are caught they should go to the slammer, not be hired by the government.

When dunces on Capital Hill insert Fedzilla into the economy and cause trillions to evaporate from the economy and millions of jobs lost, no punishment is extracted upon them.

Given a choice between trusting a greedy Wall Street banker and a dunce do-gooder on Capital Hill, I will place my trust in the Wall Street banker every time.

We can’t afford four more years of the president meddling around in the economy.  The destruction he has caused in the previous three years has been nothing short of an economic horror story.

The question isn’t if you are better off or worse off than you were four years ago.  The question is:  Do you want to extend the Great Misery for another four years?

Obama is the Great Misery Master. Romney is the economic archangel. Choose wisely America.


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