More guns equal less goons

Leave it to the anti-freedom goons at the United Nations to put forth a treaty to restrict access to guns.

The United Nations is flea-infested, hygiene challenged hellhole of soulless despots, tyrants, anti-freedom, human-rights violating global gangbangers who wish to shore up their power by having the United Nations put forth a treaty that would restrict the access to guns by their people, thereby ensuring the tyrants can continue to kill, control, rape and plunder innocents with impunity.

Let’s get one thing straight: more access to guns leads to more freedom. Limiting access to guns leads to more innocent death, destruction and tyranny.

Once again, the United Nations is on the wrong side of freedom. This isn’t surprising since the United Nations has a statue of a handgun with a barrel tied in a knot in front of their rat-infested New York building. We should melt that statue and turn it into bullets for free Americans.

If the United Nations truly cared about freedom and human rights they would have put forth a treaty to make it easier for people all around the world to gain access to guns so that they could overthrow anti-freedom tyrants and goons. Everyone knows that reduced access to guns leads to more death and destruction.

Chicago anyone?


That’s right, make it easier for people to get guns to kill tyrants. Doing that will ensure there is less of a chance that a Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Charles Taylor, Fidel Castro, or Idi Amin would rise to power. Those punks should have been whacked before they even thought about slaughtering or imprisoning tens of millions of innocent, unarmed people.

When US officials consider the United Nations Arms Control Treaty, they would be well advised to remember that the British went after our gun powder and muskets when the Revolution began. The British knew if they could limit access to our powder and muskets that they could control us.  Instead we shot the Red Coats and secured our freedom.

Anti-freedom tyrants should be killed.  The more freedom people have and the more access they have to guns, the less likely a killer like Hitler could rise to power and again kill unarmed millions.

More guns equal fewer tyrants and despots.

But what the United Nations is advocating is the direct opposite of what common sense and history proves.  So typical of this international organizations that often support anti-freedom measures and supports punk tyrants over freedom.

Under no circumstances should the United States Senate ratify a treaty that will guarantee the slaughter of millions, which is clearly what the United Nations desires because it is controlled by socialists and anti-freedom zealots. Much like the laughable “gun free” Chicago which has some of the strictest gun-control restrictions in the United States but which is a slaughter zone of violence.

In fact, I want to see the United States Senate officially state that this treaty is a recipe for death for asnyone who falls for it.  They should tell the United Nations that more guns in the hands of more people will ensure more freedom and less of an opportunity for evil tyrants to slaughter millions.

Even though there is no way the United Nations can usurp the US constitution, the US Senate should still tell the United Nations that this treaty will lead to more death, more slaughter.  Stand tall and tell the United Nations to shove their anti-gun treaty where the sun doesn’t shine.

Hear me now, loud and proud:  I will never under any circumstances give up my guns to any punk politician.  That is a recipe for slaughter. Never again.

More guns equal more freedom.  The birth of America is proof of that.  Let us never forget that.


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