This one is for Romney to win

If the presidential polls are accurate, the soul of America is hanging by a thread.With unemployment/under-employment near twenty percent and the president bashing business owners and the free-enterprise system, one has to wonder how any self-respecting American could possibly vote for this freedom wrecking president.

Due in large part to his Kamikaze Economic plans, home sales, retail sales and consumer confidence are all sliding south, yet the presidential race remains a statistical dead heat in many polls.

The reason the race is a dead heat is because the president has increasingly help create a class of dependent people who have placed their trust in Fedzilla instead of placing faith in themselves. Rugged individualism has been traded for a we the sheeple embarrassment.

What a shame.  How far the once mighty have fallen.

With our economy in the toilet, the American people should be seething with discontent, but too many Americans instead have dumbed down over the past 50 years into believing that Fedzilla knows best.

This race shouldn’t be a dead heat.  It should be a blow out, a first round knock out, a political Little Bighorn with Obama playing the role of General Custer.

But because so many Americans have tasted the poisoned apple of socialism, the race may remain very tight until the last vote is counted.

Or will it?

There remains a large block of key undecided voters, and they will determine who will occupy the White House for the next four years when they enter the voting booth.

Both candidates will spend millions trying to convince the undecided that they have the best ideas for America.  Only one will be telling the truth.

This thing is Governor Romney’s to lose.

I’m encouraged that instead of counter-punching the president’s brazen lies that Governor Romney is beginning to go on the offense by battering the president on his recent statement that business owners did not achieve their success by themselves.

Going on the offense is good.  Governor Romney should continue to pummel the president and his previous four years of European-style economics and policies that have exacerbated our economic wounds instead of helping to heal them.  I’m a big fan of exposing the bad and ugly while accenting the good.

Governor Romney should tell undecided Americans that our economic woes will continue under President Obama’s failed Kamikaze Economics.  He should tell them that giving the president four more years will allow him to continue to drop kick America into an unsustainable socialist state.

After raking the president and his failed policies over hot coals, Governor Romney needs to clearly articulate what he will specifically do to get America back on its economic legs.

Should Governor Romney continue to go on the bold offense, this thing could be an historical landslide similar to the landslide in 1980 when the American people tossed out Jimmy Carter and elected Ronald Reagan.

To borrow a phrase from President Reagan in 1984, 2012 can once again be morning in America. Governor Romney needs to clearly and repeatedly tell the American people how the president has failed them and how he will jump-start the free market engine.

I have faith that Americans will do the right thing this November. We will reject socialism and replace it with the time-tested and proven free market system where the coals of the American Dream still burn bright.


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