Guns are beautiful things

Tribe Nuge is surrounded by firearms. We own hundreds and hundreds of rifles, handguns, shotguns and even a couple of real honest to God machine-guns. Our ammo supply is nothing short of stunning, and we shoot all the time. The aim small, miss small discipline serves us very well, thank you.


We also own many hammers, electric drills, numerous chainsaws, a couple of blowtorches, some really large trucks, a blowgun, three slingshots, some air rifles, coping saws and hacksaws, hatchets, axes, splitting mauls, throwing knives and butcher knives, a spear, a hydraulic log splitter, a couple of power trimmers, a huge tractor with various menacing accessories, a tomahawk, a bulldozer, backhoe, a jackhammer and a big ass woodchipper.

And of course we mustn’t forget the most dangerous weapons of all; my stunning arsenal of very loud guitars and enough walls of ridiculously loud amplifiers that could, if used improperly, reverse the earth’s axis.

And glory hallelujah, all this in unlimited access by no one less than the MotorCity Madman, Wang Dang Sweet Poontang and all.

That’s right, 100% unlimited access to, for all practical purposes, unlimited firepower. Problems caused by the full-time Nugent gunnut clan? A big, whopping ballistic zero. Nada. Never. None. Safest damn house in the world.

The glaring reality as outlined above is ubiquitous and universal; America is armed to the teeth, and since the Obama freedom threat reared its ugly head back in 2007, a virtual nonstop guns and ammo production and purchasing orgy has steamrolled across the United States, for smart, freedom loving people know that the perfection of the 2nd Amendment is indeed the guiding light to freedom itself and ultimate quality of life.


We sent King George a definitive message back 1776, and there is no way in hell we are about to put up with that abuse ever again. Write that down.

And write this down too; never has a society owned more firepower and ammo in the history of planet earth. And just like the Nugent family, hundreds of millions of Americans do nothing wrong with our guns and our regular weekend of shooting millions of rounds of ammo across the country.

Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99999% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way. We are guitar players, cops, teachers, welders, ranchers, farmers, hardware store operators, deli owners, dry cleaners, electricians, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, military heroes, working hard playing hard Americans from every imaginable walk of life and socio-economic strata. We believe in self-defense, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, law enforcement and military training, both professional and civilian, and just plain collecting and fondling some of the most beautiful pieces of handcrafted tool art in the history of mankind,

And we also know that if only bad guys have guns, like in every so called “gun free zone”, we are doomed to the evil whims of criminal monsters and cuckoo’s nest flyovers that are running amok thanks to the liberal court systems and failed mental health systems of this country.


Our nonstop consuming of increased firepower is our united way of saying “no thank you” to such insanity and that “don’t tread on me” is what life loving responsible people say, loud and proud.

Like the average American that I hang out with, and like my father before me, I raised all my children to respect tools and use them wisely and safely. Canadians can stroll into any old hardware store and purchase a wood-chipper, blowtorch, chainsaw, log splitter, axes and hatchets or a giant front-loader any old time they want to. And with no government permit or mandatory training to boot. Can you believe that?

Such dangerous tools in the hands of rookies surely must account for the slaughter of innocents all the time.


With all this increased firepower, it should be noted that the use of guns in  crime is at an all time low, except of course in those pesky gun free zones like Chicago, movie theaters, malls, churches, schools and other such slaughter-zones for the wandering psychopaths on early release, plea bargained and turning state’s evidence deals.

So the jury is not still out. The facts are all in, and the inescapable conclusion proves that the most dangerous places on planet earth are gun free zones. What kind of mind-freak would actually want more of them, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama et al?


No thank you. Don’t tread on me.

Americans have the right to choose to be unarmed and helpless. Be my guest. But for those of us who cherish life and freedom, we know that unarmed and helpless is a dangerous and irresponsible condition and has proven to cost people their lives far too often.

Me, I’m getting ready for the greatest hunting season of my life. I will shoot thousands of rounds again this week training with the heroes of law enforcement and the mighty US Military warriors. I will also take some young children to learn the basics of safe firearm’s handling and the joys of marksmanship and killing your own dinner. Perfect is as perfect does, and for those of who celebrate the truth, the 2nd Amendment is indeed perfect.

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