Gun-fearing professors appear to be donning body armor as more and more states are embracing campus carry as a reality. At least, based on what you see on the internet, that seems to be the case. There was one photo floating around Facebook some time back of a professor wearing what looked like a Gulf War-style flak jacket and helmet.

Another professor has apparently latched onto the idea and is wearing armor because of the possibility his students are packing.

If students are going to pack hidden heat, one professor is going to wear a bulletproof vest.

That professor is Kevin Willmott, the director of noted films including “C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America,” who is raising both eyebrows and continued debate at the University of Kansas for teaching all classes this semester with the black protective vest strapped over his torso.

“Try to forget I’m wearing a bulletproof vest and I’ll try to forget that you could be packing a .44 Magnum,” the professor told students Tuesday morning when he showed up for his basic screenwriting course, his first class of the semester.

Willmott’s plan is to wear the vest all year long to protest a Kansas law, passed in 2013 — but which only went into effect on July 1 — that allows students and others to carry concealed handguns on the the campuses of more than 30 Kansas public colleges without a permit and without training.

“This is not the Kansas I grew up knowing and loving,” Willmott wrote in a note explaining his protest of the controversial law. Kansas is one of eight states that allow handguns to be concealed and carried on college campuses.

I hate to break it to Willmott, but he had no way to be sure that none of his students were packing a .44 magnum prior to the law change in Kansas. What he doesn’t grasp is that at least now a law-abiding student with a gun may be able to meet the threat with lethal force. Not only that but if someone was inclined to shoot their professor, it’s unlikely a law would stop them.

After all, does Willmott and people like him really think someone would say to themselves, “I want my professor dead. I’m going to kill him…but I can’t take a gun on campus. That would be illegal, and I don’t want to break the law when I commit premeditated murder.”

Anyone with half a brain knows that’s bull, but it still seems to be what liberals think. No, I don’t understand it either.

Seriously, if gun laws would stop them, wouldn’t murder laws have already done so?

Meanwhile, let’s think about what a person with a gun and the will to act might have done at Virginia Tech, or even Ohio State. How many people might have been kept from harm?

Let’s remember what happened to two would-be jihadists who decided to attack an art show poking fun at their beloved prophet. They got shot.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Good guys with guns save lives.

They save a lot more lives than a professor wearing body armor to try and make a point.