Back in the day, I loved the rock band Skid Row. They were loud, obnoxious, everything a teenage boy wanted in music. They were a lot of fun to listen to, but they were also like so many other bands from back in the day, short-lived. However, lead singer Sebastian Bach has managed to pop up from time to time, including a stint on the reality TV Show “Supergroup” with Second Amendment-loving rocker Ted Nugent.

Apparently, Bach learned nothing about the Second Amendment from his time with “The Nuge”…or much of anything else, apparently.

The former SKID ROW singer’s comments came during an interview with Australia’s The Rockpit, conducted ahead of his headlining tour of the country.

Speaking about the current political situation in the U.S., Bach said: “What’s going on here politically in America these days is completely polarizing. And, you know, I can’t even turn the phone on some days without seeing all the bad shitty news that is endless ever since Donald Trump came into office. It’s like I can’t even keep up with the misery of what’s happening in the world.

“There’s really only one side to be on, you know, with what’s happening with climate change; if we don’t stop this, our kids are not going to have a place to live,” he continued. “So it’s got to the point now where we really can’t allow this. The same goes for gun control. Everybody knows the NRA is ridiculous to allow, you know, machine guns on sale at Walmart. It’s insane! So if I speak up and give my opinion and someone else who supports Donald Trump doesn’t like that, I take that as a badge of honor. [Laughs] Because I’m not into all these things, I’m not into racism, I’m not into guns, I’m not into denying climate change like a moron. I’m not into that shit, so if that pisses somebody off, good! That’s the way I feel.”

All those bolded sections are in the original.

I get that Bach doesn’t care if someone who supports President Trump gets upset, but what really has me bothered is that Bach exemplifies the know-nothing stupidity that the anti-gun agitators constantly foster on the left-leaning portions of the public.

First, Mr. Back, the National Rifle Association is an independent group made up of millions of freedom-loving Americans who, unlike you, understand our Second Amendment. However, it doesn’t “allow” stores to do or not do anything. It doesn’t have any authority over what Walmart does or any other private business. Its impact on government is limited to lobbying efforts…same as Everytown For Gun Safety.

Second, Mr. Bach, while you made some good music back in the day, it’s clear that blood only goes to the parts of your brain that permit screeching at the top of your lungs. There. Are. No. Machine. Guns. On. Sale. At. Walmart.

Machine guns are already tightly controlled and required special permitting procedures, background checks, and even permission from law enforcement. Further, none can be sold to the public manufactured after 1986, which means the prices for those available for civilian sale is minimal. They’re also sold out of special dealerships that handle NFA firearms, and Walmart ain’t one of them, buster.

All that’s sold at Walmart and any other store happens to be a semiautomatic version that fires one round per one pull of the trigger. Same as a semi-auto hunting rifle that gun grabbers are constantly claiming they don’t want to touch.

Of course, it’s not like Sebastian Bach would understand the concept.