Hunter Jessica Gray was thrilled with the moose she killed on a recent hunt, so she shared it on a Facebook page dedicated to her adventures. As the page is titled “Jessica Grays Hunting Adventures,” anyone who is on the page should kind of know what to expect from Gray.

That didn’t stop the hatred she received.

Hunter Jessica Grays has blasted critics on Facebook for calling her “disgusting” after she posted images of a bull moose her partner took down on a recent Alaskan hunt and even thanked her detractors for their heated comments, since the controversy has landed her a number of speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

“I just wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU!” Grays said in a Facebook post. “It has created quite the media stir bringing this to a National Platform where I have media, newspaper, huntings blogs, radio stations and women’s rights groups contacting me to be spokesperson and sponsorships from it! Please keep the HATE coming! Two days ago I was a passionate small town hunter and today I have multiple new sponsors and hunts lined up across the country.”

Grays also took the opportunity to explain her position and claimed she was actually a lover of animals and had raised several herself. She argued her critics were uneducated when it comes to hunting.

Grays also issued a statement to Yahoo news regarding the controversy, saying she was particularly saddened by her critics’ responses after the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“I find it unfortunate that the day after we as a nation suffer the greatest loss of human life in the tragic Las Vegas shooting; that instead of coming together as a nation to preserve and honor the sanctity of human life, I have received hundreds of death threats from the anti-hunting community,” Grays said.

It’s amazing how these people’s answer to the humane killing of an animal for food is more offensive to these people than murdering a human being.

Is it just me, or does it seem there’s a stronger backlash toward female hunters than males? It’s like the same crowd who talks about being pro-woman and anti-“slut shaming” are only willing to back women who toe their political line. Imagine that?

Hunting has been a part of humanity since we were first identifiable as humans. We hunted in the forests for meat from the earliest times, and that has continued as a tradition even today. Further, hunters fund many conservation efforts and are part of any successful conservation strategy, but the anti-hunters won’t see that. They love animals too much to understand that.

In fact, they love animals so much that they have forgotten their own humanity. Instead, they act like the animals they claim to love and are more than willing to hound hunters, particularly female hunters, until they can’t take it any longer. They’ve already pushed one into suicide. What’s worse is the absolute lack of remorse from these people.

Here’s a tip: If you hate the idea of killing animals, you should probably not talk about people killing people. Doing so doesn’t make you tough or help the cause, it just paints you as a huge hypocrite.