I love my kid, same as any other parent, but one thing he does infuriates me. That’s when he stays glued to his cell phone at all hours of the day. To be clear, he’s not just texting people or anything like that. Instead, he’s using it like a computer. He surfs the internet, watches videos, or goofs off on social media. Yet it’s still annoying that he’s so glued to a piece of electronics.

One mother found a way to solve that with her kids, and she’s apparently felt the need to defend the practice.

Heather Del Moral, 34, regularly takes her children Juan, known as Papi, 14, Isa, 12, and Armonia, nine, out to shoot deer, ducks and doves – and she says it teaches youngsters respect for animals .

She says it gives her chance to talk and connect with her kids properly and she won’t allow them to bring their mobile phones with them.

Heather and her children often go out hunting with friend Amanda Thomas, who believes the sport also teaches patience.

While the pair, who work together for Oklahoma’s wildlife department in the USA, admit they understand hunting is a controversial topic, they insist it doesn’t do the kids any harm.

Del Moral says her husband doesn’t have any interest in hunting, so she’s the one who takes the kids out to the woods. They leave their cell phones behind and the family laughs and generally bonds.

I’ll be honest, I have great memories of going hunting with my father as a teen, and as soon as I can find a decent place to hunt, my oldest will probably go out with me so he can have some of those same memories. After all, hunting is a blast, even if you don’t see a thing all day. It’s a day out in the woods, spending time in God’s creation.

Yet this is the part of the story that bothers me:

However, despite criticism, they remain proud of what they do.

Amanda said: “It’s not for everyone, but people should at least give it a try before they judge. You either love it, or you hate it.

Amanda is right, people should give it a try before they judge, particularly if they eat meat as part of their regular diet. You’d be surprised at the number of anti-hunting activists who consume meat.

What bothers me, though, is how they’re getting criticism. I get that not everyone is a fan of hunting, but whatever happened to “minding your own business?” Nothing the two women are doing is illegal by any stretch, and any definition of morality that requires people to not hunt for their own food is too screwed up to count as a system of morality.

Frankly, I think what they’re doing is great, and I hope they keep it up. Not only that, but I sincerely hope those kids grow up to keep hunting, and share the awesome experience with their own kids.

There may be a few things in the world better than hunting with your family, but I’m hard-pressed to think of anything right now.