An 18-year-old Wisconsin man is currently in legal hot water after he proved himself to from the shallow end of the gene pool. The man, Josh Radder of Kiel, WI allegedly put a gun to his girlfriend’s head and pulled the trigger.

Thankfully, the weapon didn’t fire.

The victim got away with the help of another teenager.

Police say the suspect pointed his gun at the second teen and ordered that young person to drive to the Sheboygan area.

The two came back to Manitowoc.

Radder was located at his home. After a brief negotiation with the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Squad, the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Manitowoc Police say two loaded handguns were recovered by sheriff’s deputies.

In court Thursday, a prosecutor stated that Radder showed no remorse and bragged on Facebook about the incident.

Yeah, he apparently bragged about it on Facebook. Clearly, we’re dealing with a Rhodes Scholar on the cusp of cracking the code to cold fusion at any moment.

The judge, a complete master of understatement, noted the deep hole Radder had dug for himself.

A judge called it “an extremely serious offense.”

Oh, you think?

Radder is charged with Attempted 2nd Degree Intentional Homicide, False Imprisonment, 1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Physical Abuse of a Child, and Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon. If found guilty, these are not charges that get you probation and a stern warning from the judge.

Instead, there’s every reason to suspect Radder’s next relationship will be with a large felon named “Bubba” with a penchant for long walks in the cell block and making young guys squeal like a pig.

It looks like Radder is out on $50,000 bond, but is not to contact any of the five people involved and can’t so much as look cross-eyed at a firearm.

Frankly, $50,000 bond seems a little light for a guy who reportedly tried to kill his girlfriend and then figured confessing on Facebook. It seems unlikely he’ll adhere to the no-contact order if he is inclined to finish what he allegedly tried to start.

This sounds like the kind guy no one wants walking around armed as a general rule, which is also an understatement.

Folks, if you’re going to own a firearm, please be both intelligent enough and stable enough to not act like a colossal tool with them. Countless people carry firearms every day, all day long, and still manage to avoid placing a gun to their significant other’s head and pulling the trigger. If you’re someone who can’t do that, then please do us all a favor and leave the guns alone outside of Call of Duty. Probably within the game, too, while we’re at it.

No one wants to see things like this happen, but I know I speak for the vast majority of our readers when I say that we’re happy to hear there was no loss of life or even injury. If Radder is guilty of these accusations–and with him reportedly running his mouth on social media to brag about it, it’s my opinion that it’s likely he’ll be found guilty–then we’ll join in the celebrations of someone like this being taken off the streets.