The organization was specifically looking for records concerning Trump administration policies on concealed carry reciprocity, gun silencers, bump stocks and assault weapon exports.

The lawsuit, obtained by the Huffington Post, accused the Trump administration of following the NRA in “lockstep” following recent shootings and sought evidence that pro-gun lobbyists had influenced the ATF in pursuing “dangerous policies and to oppose common sense gun-violence-prevention measures.”

Once again, the anti-gun crusaders demonstrate that they simply can’t fathom people actually supporting gun rights without the NRA holding the leash.

Honestly, that’s what this all boils down to. They’re so invested in their own narrative that they can’t accept that any politician could possibly believe in the plain and simple text of the Second Amendment. They actually believe that no one would support it without being either bought and paid for, or else otherwise directed by their NRA overlords.

Let me make it very simple. The NRA is an organization that derives all of its power from its membership, which is made up of voters. Those voters vote for candidates that they believe will support their right to keep and bear arms…and there needs to be at least some commitment to sincerity because otherwise, it comes through as insincere. Kind of simplistic, but accurate.

They don’t get that no matter what they find, it’ll be irrelevant. The facts are on our side and they always have been. No amount of legal wrangling will change that.