[Author’s note: In this post, I use the term “illegal immigrant.” I have no doubt that many of our readers will take issue with the term, preferring “illegal alien.” That’s fair. However, since I’m also a science fiction writer, the word “alien” invokes images of actual aliens such as squid-like beings. “Illegal immigrant” at least calls to mind the image of a human-shaped lifeform, thus my use of it.]

An illegal immigrant on trial for the murder of two police officers wasn’t content to just call one of the officers a coward. He also felt the need to inform the court that he wished he’d kill more of them, as well as his intention to escape and kill more officers.

Yeah, he’s what you might call “special.”

An illegal immigrant began his murder trial for the 2014 killings of two Northern California sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday with a profanity-laced rant, calling a partner of one of the slain officers a “coward.”

Prosecutor Rod Norgaard recounted the events that led to the death of Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver outside a Sacramento motel in October 2014, and described how Oliver’s partner, Deputy Scott Brown, was able to retreat from the heavy gunfire.

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 37, the alleged killer, interrupted the court when he grinned and called Brown a “coward.”

Bracamontes was scolded by the Sacramento Superior Court judge, The Sacramento Bee reported.

“I wish I had killed more of the mother——-s,” Bracamontes told the court. He continued, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me…There’s no need for a f—ing trial.

Attorneys for Bracamontes argued this was evidence their client is unfit to stand trial, though I find that hard to believe.  After all, the legal standard for insanity is an inability to differentiate between right and wrong. Nothing in this says he doesn’t grasp the difference.

Proving you’re as dumb as a box of rocks doesn’t mean you’re unfit to stand trial either.

It’s not enough for Bracamontes to have killed two police officers. He has to threaten more and show the only remorse he has is for not committing more murders. Sounds like premeditation to me.

Either way, this is what police face every day. While there are some bad officers out there, most are decent folks trying to do a tough job. It’s also a job made all the tougher by people like Bracamontes who openly talk about their desire to murder police officers. Yes, they have guns, thus the means to protect themselves, but remember that everyone knows they have it. Since the good guys don’t get to pick when a gunfight is going to happen, it means cop killers have the initiative.

Think about that the next time someone gripes about the police like they’re scum or something.

Blue lives do matter folks. Let’s all just try and remember there are people out there who want to end them all. Every single one of them.

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