The University of Central Florida doesn’t feel very safe to many students. After three separate attacks on the campus, it’s not difficult to understand why they’d feel that way. UCF campus police decided to help women on campus be able to take care of themselves.

On Wednesday night for two hours, women of all ages learned about being aware, confidence, and how to react if they were put into a dangerous situation.

“We want our female students, faculty, and staff, and other members of the community to feel safe, so we want to offer a safe class so it gives them some tools for their tool box,” said UCF police officer Frank Imparato.

Paiton Lackey and her roommate decided to take the class after learning about the multiple attacks on campus.

“It was a little shocking, but I mean, in this society it is like what can you do? You can only learn to defend yourself and help other women and stuff like that, it was a bit shocking though,” said Lackey.

The class is taught by two certified UCF police officers and they show women a variety of situations they could face in real life.

Things like this are helpful, but they’re not enough.

A one-night, two-hour class doesn’t turn someone into a badass. Classes like this are predicated on the idea that most attackers don’t want a victim that will fight back even semi-effectively. Now, that’s a fair assumption. Most don’t. They prefer the docile, “let’s get it over with” school of victims.

However, “most” isn’t “all.”

Some are more than willing to hurt anyone who fights back, especially if they really don’t know what they’re doing.

That means women need more to effectively defend themselves. Now, what would work for that? Hmmmm.

Oh, yeah, I know. A firearm.

Look, unless we’re talking about a woman who is a top-flight UFC fighter, most women are not going to be able to go toe-to-toe with most men. Especially one who is determined to visit harm on the woman. Let’s be frank, the idea of a man killing a woman with his bare hands isn’t exactly the stuff of legend. It happens.

But you put a gun in the woman’s hands, and all bets are off. She may not have the strength to pick up the guy and slam him on the ground or to break out of a hold, but she’s got more than enough strength to pull a 5-lbs trigger.

Self-defense classes like this are a fine thing. They’re a good start, but the problem is too many women think this is enough. It’s not. It’s a primer, at best. Take the case, learn more, and get a firearm if you can and carry it everywhere. If enough women on UCF could meet attackers with an armed response, I guarantee you, the problem would take care of itself quick, fast, and in a hurry.

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