The media has fallen in love with the teen survivors of the Parkland massacre. They’re routinely holding them up, like these teens are suddenly experts in all things related to guns, simply because they went through something awful.

However, it’s also nice to know that not all the Parkland survivors are drones for the gun grabbing left.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Kyle Kashuv called for Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s resignation during a Sunday interview on Fox News.

“It absolutely outrages me that at the CNN town hall, we had the sheriff who was virtue signaling against the NRA and against guns when he didn’t even act properly,” Kashuv stated. “The armed officer at our school waited outside with the sheriff and his men for four minutes and let my classmates die while he stood outside and waited.”

“He didn’t do his job properly, and then he turns around and says guns are the issue when he failed to act properly.”

Now, we’ve hammered Israel over these points already. And we probably will again.

We’ve also pointed out how teens who can’t even vote are probably not the people you want to listen to when trying to develop policy.

However, what we’re looking at here is a teen speaking on a particular instance, and he is absolutely right. Israel and his deputies reportedly stood outside while children were dying. Then he has the nerve to pretend the problem is firearms?

Kashuv has a vested interest in seeing Israel removed from office. Israel’s failures put Kashuv’s life at risk, and not just by his deputies failing to enter the school. It was also in their failure to deal with any of the dozens of reports made against the shooter prior to the events of February 14, 2018. Had he been arrested for even one of those charges, how would things have changed?

Israel didn’t act, and 17 children are dead. Kashuv is right that he didn’t do his job properly, and he’s right that Israel has a lot of nerve to virtue signal like he’s been doing when his failures have led directly to the horrors of that day.

So yeah, Israel needs to go. There are good deputies in that department, and they deserve better than the “amazing leadership” Israel claims he’s provided the department.

The thing is, Kashuv isn’t the only one taking issue with Israel’s actions. At least 74 GOP lawmakers have called for the governor to suspend Israel immediately.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott Sunday urging him to suspend Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over his department’s handling of the Parkland shooting.

Corcoran published the letter — signed by 73 Republican lawmakers — on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

With Corcoran, that makes 74.

Simply put, Israel is a disgrace. He’s managed to fail at pretty much every aspect of law enforcement from what we can see here. He’s a political animal, a politician in a uniform, not a law enforcement officer dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Broward County.

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