As a parent, my heart still breaks for those who lost their children in Parkland. Even those who are now screaming for more gun control get my sympathy for their loss. I understand their screaming. I lost a dear friend in a mass shooting several years ago, and I took a step back to wonder if I’d been wrong on guns for all these years. I can only imagine what it must be like when you’re not vehemently pro-gun to begin with and the person you lost is your child.

However, in an amongst all this yelling, we keep hearing of all these failures that led us to the point where a demented thug wasn’t stopped well before getting his grubby little paws on a gun and launching a deadly attack.

Over at The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro sums up the problem with this perfectly.

So, here’s what we know.

We know the FBI was warned specifically about the Parkland shooter not once, but twice — and did nothing.

We know the Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the home of the Parkland shooter at least 39 times since 2010.

We know that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was warned multiple times about the Parkland shooter.

We know that an armed officer was present during the shooting and did nothing — and that JROTC students showed far more courage.

And yet we are told that the solution to mass shootings is for law-abiding citizens to give more authority to the authorities that failed, and to turn over our only way of protecting ourselves?

Why in the world would a single law-abiding gun owner hand over his or her weapon to the same authorities that did nothing to protect the children of Parkland? Why would a single law-abiding gun owner turn over his or her capacity for self-defense to people who were incapable of defending children at every step of the way?

Pretty much.

For all of the screaming and wailing taking place these days, it’s kind of impossible for me not to think about how massively the system failed here. It failed, and 17 kids are dead. But what do we get to hear? We get people like Sheriff Scott Israel going on and on about how we need more gun control.

No, we clearly need more sheriff control. Someone needed to get a hold of Israel and his department well before that tragic day.

I’ve beaten up on the FBI plenty, but none of that remotely touches on the failures of Israel’s office. At every point in this nightmare, they had the opportunity to act and possibly prevent the loss of life. They failed to do anything. Then, on that fateful day, the school resource officer kept his happy butt outside because he was unwilling to engage the threat.

And, in response to these failures, we are supposed to blithely accept new regulations on our sacred, constitutionally protected rights? I don’t think so. Not by a long shot.

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