For many people, having to apply for a permit just to exercise your constitutionally protected right to carry a firearm is ridiculous. They may do it, but they think it’s ridiculous. I tend to agree, but the law is the law and getting all of our rights back takes time. That includes constitutional carry.

For folks in Colorado, they’re one step closer to that happy moment.

The Colorado Senate has passed SB 18-097, which calls for allowing the carrying of a concealed handgun without a permit.

The bill would allow anyone 21-years of age or older who is allowed to carry a handgun legally to do so in a concealed manner.

The sponsors of the bill reinforced current laws which prevent the carrying of a weapon in schools and universities within the bill language.

If passed by the House and signed by Governor Hickenlooper, as currently written, would go into effect immediately with the Governor’s signature.

Unfortunately, Hickenlooper is a Democrat, and it’s not like he has a great track record when it comes to guns. He previously signed bills that limit magazine capacity and universal background checks.

Without some serious political pressure, it’s not likely that he’ll sign any such bill.

Not that it matters. The Colorado House has a Democratic majority, which means the bill would need support from at least some House Democrats to make it to the governor’s desk. Assuming every Republican votes for it, at least a few Democrats would need to cross the aisle. Not impossible, mind you, but unlikely.

Still, it’s a positive development for people in Colorado. Careful politicking could make it happen, and, at worst, it reminds the people of Colorado just how certain members of the House – and their governor – feel about them. In particular, not trusting them with firearms.

Colorado may be leaning Democrat, but it only went for Hillary by a few points in 2016. Enough pressure could very well force the state to swing toward a more sane firearm policy, if nothing else.

People just need to understand that all constitutional carry does is remove a burden from the law-abiding. The criminals are going to carry guns regardless of what the law says. We’ve seen that thousands of times at this point. They don’t care what the law says about it; they’re going to do it anyway.

So the laws only affect the lawful citizen, and that’s a problem. By removing the requirement that people have permits to concealed carry – they’ve already been able to open carry – you allow the private citizen to carry as he or she sees fit.

It has no bearing on the criminal population of Colorado and never will. It doesn’t allow convicted felons to carry since they can’t legally own a gun anyway. It doesn’t allow people to carry a gun if they’re committing a crime since that’s already illegal, as well.

Instead, it lets Joe and Jane Citizen who just got a death threat from someone they know strap on a firearm for their protection. It allows the single mom who found out she has to go to a sketchy neighborhood slip a pistol into her purse. It removes the barrier that might otherwise put these people’s lives at risk.

That’s all, and it needs to pass.

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