While the National Rifle Association has been embroiled in the fight of its life, the group has also signed up a lot of new members. People who had left the organization over disagreements in the past came back as the NRA was targeted with a kind of hateful speech that wouldn’t be permitted for any other group of individuals.

Now, the NRA is making a formal plan to add even more.

NRA Proudly Announces Inaugural NRA 100K Challenge
Campaign Aims To Sign Up 100,000 NRA Members in 100 Days

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association proudly launched the inaugural NRA 100K Challenge on April 11, 2018, which aims to sign up 100,000 NRA members within 100 days! The challenge is led by an actionable social media presence of our dedicated firearm manufacturers, corporate partners and Second Amendment supporters.

How do I participate in the NRA 100K Challenge?
Support the participating firearm manufacturer of your choice by visiting their social media accounts or sign up to receive their newsletter or promotional offers. You will then be presented with a discounted offer to Join or Renew your NRA Membership. Repost on your social media pages to encourage others to join the NRA 100K Challenge. Like, share or tweet the way to 100K!

If you are in need of NRA 100K Challenge guidance, visit the social media pages and websites of the trailblazing firearm manufacturers Kahr Firearms Group, Colt Manufacturing, Taurus USA, Benelli USA, Stoeger Industries, Franchi and Hornady Manufacturing.

Become a trailblazer of your own and encourage others to join the NRA. Visit www.nra.org/100kchallenge to join or renew your membership at a discounted rate. For more information, contact Kara Kelly at [email protected]

It’s an ambitious plan, but one I suspect will come to fruition. The demonization of the NRA hasn’t worked with most gun owners out there, and a lot of non-gun owners aren’t thrilled with it either. A large number of people who have never owned a gun and have no interest in ever owning a gun have signed up simply because of the demonization campaign.

A membership drive like this, however, is important. If they can do it, it’s a signal; it’s a warning. It tells the gun grabbers that despite their best efforts, the NRA and gun rights proponents aren’t going anywhere. It tells them that our numbers are growing.

The truth is, they have this idea that they outnumber us, that we’re really just a tiny minority of people who stockpile guns because we’re scared of whoever they think we’re scared of. They forget that this country was founded in revolution, and our founding fathers knew that we would need the means to rebel if a tyrannical government ever took hold. They just think it would never happen or that we would be crushed immediately.

Well, maybe it never will. I certainly hope we never get to that point.

But never let anyone pretend that Americans are automatically more virtuous than anyone else. We’re all humans, and the corruptible are attracted to power. Sooner or later, someone may try to take power who wants to rule the entire nation with nothing but an iron fist. And, if the right mechanisms are dismantled, he or she will be able to do just that.

If that happens, I want armed Americans, people who can fight back.

For that to happen, though, we need the means to fight back, which is why the NRA is so important. It’s the largest gun rights organization in the country, and it’s the signal to the gun control crowd that they’re not going to just waltz into the Capitol and get their way. They’ll be resisted.

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