Once upon a time, if you used an internet dating site to meet someone, you didn’t need to worry too much about politics. It typically wasn’t considered a deal breaker, after all, and, if it was, then you didn’t go out with that person again. You just moved on.

However, times change. Today, in addition to waxing nostalgically about the “good old days” of internet dating, we also have to consider political positions on things like guns and gun rights while trying to find a potential mate.

Which is where a new website comes into play.


Posted by Pro-Gun Dating on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First, let me say that it’s pathetic for people to harass and ridicule someone for having a firearm in their profile photo. She’s got a gun and you don’t like guns? Then just look elsewhere. There’s no reason to be a jerk about it.

That said, Clark embraced capitalism and did her own thing, creating her own site to meet the need she identified in the market. More power to her!

The truth of the matter is that no matter how much we hate it, what we’re dealing with in this day and age is a world where politics is more than just an aspect of some people’s personality, but a driving force in their life. I’m not even talking about people who work in politics in some way, shape, or form either.

While it’s entirely possible to find gun neutral people on traditional dating sites, that’s still a gamble. You will have to deal with the anti-gun nut jobs, just as Clark did. While we can lament the necessity of it all we want, it doesn’t change the reality.

By going to a site like ProGunDating.com, you can find a potential mate that shares your love of the Second Amendment, and that can be huge. After all, the family that shoots together stays together.

It’s not that support of the Second Amendment is enough to build a relationship on, but it is a decent foundation to start on if that’s a key part of who you are. I also suspect you’ll be less likely to run into those who use the dating sites to try and scam or assault people. After all, if the whole premise is being around guns, only a complete idiot would think, “You know, this girl might make a great target for my depravity. I’m sure she won’t really have a gun.”

While I’m a happily married man, I wish Clark all the luck in the world in her new endeavor. This is the kind of site that I know a lot of people can make use of.

At worst, non-gun owning straight women can go there to at least have a shot at finding someone other than a soyboy hipster who is more in touch with his feelings than with reality. A few women I spoke with about this site hoped it would be a chance to find real men for a change.

A few of the guys were excited by the possibility of finding women who were just as passionate about shooting and firearms as they are.

Sounds like a win to me.

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