When we see unrest in other countries, one of the hallmarks seems to be politically motivated violence. These guys kill those guys because those guys have different opinions on how to run the country. Those guys then kill these guys in both retaliation and because these guys have different opinions on how to run the country.

And those opinions on how to run the country have real-world impact. It’s one thing when the communist is some guy spouting nonsense at the coffee shop. It’s another when a large number of them are gaining ground and actually take over the nation.

Either way, it seems politically motivated violence is on the rise in the U.S.

Making the click-through worthwhile: How a small act of vandalism in Alexandria, Va., suggests we’re likely to see more politically motivated violence, not less; America’s gun owners send a message with their wallets; and a horrific act in Toronto that technically wasn’t formal terrorism but is starting to feel indistinguishable from it.

Politics, the Drug That Justifies the Urge to Hurt Other People

Associated Press, April 21: Protester faces charges for vandalism at NRA lobbyist’s home.

Back in 2003, Chris Hedges wrote a book entitled War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. (You can probably get the gist of his perspective from his 2008 book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.) Still, there’s a lot of truth in the title. Think of all the martial metaphors we use to describe the ups and downs of life: We’re in a battle, we’re charging forward, we’re crusading for a cause, we’re chasing a goal, we’re fighting for our beliefs, we’re taking a beating, we’re getting flak, our proposal is shot down, we’ve reached a ceasefire. A new idea represents a “revolution.”

Perhaps politics is another force that gives many Americans meaning. It gives them an enemy, a target and focus for all of their worst impulses and feelings. Very few of us can completely escape the temptation to feel hate, contempt, disdain, and a desire for someone else. Politics gives us a target and an excuse.

See those people over there? They’re not just mistaken or wrong, they’re trying to destroy the country. They’re “a basket of deplorables,” as Hillary put it.

Ted Nugent — not merely an aging rock star, but member of the board of the National Rifle Association — declares “the evidence is irrefutable,” the Parkland survivors who are pushing gun control “have no soul.” No one feels guilt about attacking a vampire or a zombie or a robot; their lack of a soul means there is no moral consequence.

Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy decreed, “The NRA acts like a terrorist organization” and defends the label because the organization “uses fear to coerce.” (No word on whether the governor believes labeling another group of people “terrorists” is using fear to coerce as well.)

Yes, the rhetoric is bad.

However, as noted previously, I can’t help but believe the anti-gun left is the one ramping up the violence. After all, we had a group of GOP lawmakers targeted and shot at by a Bernie Sanders supporter, leaving Rep. Steve Scalise seriously injured. Republican Rep. David Kustoff was run off the road due to his vote on a bill.

So far, there’s not really anything close to that from our side. The worst you can say is that there are some racist jackwagons out there causing harm, but those are people that neither conservative or liberals defend.

If this trend continues, more and more of us may well find ourselves having to defend our beliefs, ourselves and our families with more than just words.

If you ever needed a reason to train, this is it. Not only do you run the risk of being targeted by criminals for whatever reason, but it seems there may be a possibility some jackwagon wants to off you because of your failure to support something like universal healthcare.

No, it probably won’t get that bad. The question is, do you want to take that chance?

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