Not everyone agrees with us on guns. Frankly, that’s fine. Not everyone does need to agree on whether we have a right to keep and bear arms. People have a right to their opinions, even if I happen to think their opinions are wrong and ignorant.

What people don’t have a right to are their own facts.

For better or worse, reality is what it is, and you don’t get to reshape reality just because it doesn’t conform to what you’d rather it look like. Yet that’s exactly what happens when you completely ignore things that have really happened and pretend that it simply doesn’t exist.

Take this guest opinion writer’s comments for The Intelligencer, a paper in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

The front-page story of the Intelligencer published May 1 with the headline, “Pa. gun owners rally at Capital,” was noteworthy. Our First Amendment rights are protected so folks of a like-mind can gather and protest or advocate peacefully. This is part of what and who we are as a democracy under the rule of law.

However, it is not right that the protesters in support of the Second Amendment should use scare tactics to frighten gun owners. The quote by Joshua Prince is one such example. “Make no mistake about it, they’re coming for your guns.” Taking everyone’s guns has never been a consideration and only hinders a serious dialogue on the subject of gun control.

Never been a consideration? Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently penned an op-ed calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. As many as one in three Democrats agree with him on the topic, I might add.

A friend of mine, science fiction author David Burkhead, has made it a bit of a mission to document all the Democrats who have said they were coming for our guns in various ways. He keeps a running account on his blog, I might add. It’s quite an impressive list, especially since we’re being assured by a writer in Doylestown, Penn that no one is coming for our guns.

The truth of the matter is that while she, personally, may not consider a complete repeal of the Second Amendment something worthy of her efforts and that she, personally, may not want to take everyone’s guns away, she’s in no position to speak for everyone else who opposes the right to keep and bear arms.

Over and over again, gun owners have been tasked with giving up just a little bit of our freedom in exchange for other people feeling safer. What’s more, we’ve done it. Time and time again, we gave and we gave. Time and time again, more and more was asked of us.

Now, we’re done. We understand the endgame. The effort is to “compromise” us to death, to keep asking more and more until there’s nothing left.

My buddy Law Dog has a great metaphor for just how this goes, using cake as an example. The premise is the same.

The truth is, they are coming for our guns. That’s a given. We can show our work until the cows come home.

And that makes any claim to the contrary a case of someone rejecting reality and trying to insert her own facts into the conversation.

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