Anti-gun politicians want to make owning a gun a terrifying prospect for people. Not only do they seek to demonize anyone who disagrees with them on gun ownership, but they also try to push them to the fringes of society.

In Kings County, Washington, there’s now a proposal to require that warning signs be placed at the entrances of all gun stores in the county.

First, I propose that public safety warning signs be posted at any place of firearm sale or discharge in King County, which will articulate the very real and significant risks to health and life inherent with firearm ownership. These signs will also provide immediate contact information for suicide-prevention and mental-health resources for individuals who might be in crisis. Once passed by the Board of Health, signs will be placed at the entrances and purchase counters of every shooting range and store selling guns in King County.

In other words, County Council Chairman Jack McDermott wants to place a sign that will probably contain statistics that bolster his own opinions but are otherwise full of male bovine excrement, and require stores and ranges to place them there.

This isn’t like telling people that undercooked meat may be dangerous. This is something science has shown time and time again, so those warning signs make sense. The same is true of warning signs on cigarettes. Time and time again, science has shown that smoking raises the risks.

But gun ownership isn’t inherently dangerous and McDermott is a fool for thinking so. Further, requiring such a warning may well abridge the constitutional rights of store owners who may disagree with the veracity of such studies. That could lead to some interesting court cases.

McDermott doesn’t want to stop there, though. In addition to wanting a safe storage law, McDermott has a whole wish list.

McDermott’s proposal also has a clause in there detailing what would happen if Washington’s preemption law is repealed:

If the state preemption law is repealed, the King County Gun Safety Action Plan will immediately:

  • Ban semi-automatic, high velocity weapons: Ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic, high velocity weapons
  • Ban high capacity ammunition magazines: Ban the sale and possession of high capacity ammunition magazines
  • Raise the minimum age to 21: For all firearm purchases and possession laws
  • Impose a waiting period: Establish a waiting period before taking possession of a firearm after purchase
  • Require safety training: Require firearm safety training before taking possession of a firearm after purchase

In other words, he wants to ban common hunting rifles well in excess of the AR-15, ban magazines that aren’t essential for crimes to be committed, make it impossible for adults to purchase any firearm for self-defense until they reach a certain age, put stalking victims at risk while they wait for permission to exercise their right, and make it more difficult for the poor to own firearms.

Sounds swell, doesn’t it?

That’s what all of those proposals really mean, whether McDermott wants to admit it or not.

Let’s hope for the sake of people in Kings County that he doesn’t get his way on any of this nonsense.