The NRA’s Carry Guard insurance is the kind of product that every gun owner should have. It’s insurance that can protect you if you’re involved in a shooting and need legal representation, among other possibilities.

And haven’t gun control advocates been saying gun owners should have insurance?

Well, in California, they’re following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tyrannical lead in trying to block the NRA from selling Carry Guard in the state.

California has ordered the National Rifle Association to stop selling an insurance policy that covers legal costs for injury or damage from legally using a gun.

The state Department of Insurance on Tuesday issued a cease and desist order saying that the NRA sold an unlicensed insurance product in the state. The order carries a potential fine of $5,000 a day for violations.

About 2,400 Californians are policyholders, which gun control advocates have labeled “murder insurance.”

The National Rifle Association says it believes it did nothing wrong. NRA legal counsel William Brewer II says the organization relied on assurances from the insurance broker, Lockton Cos., that the program met California regulations.

In fairness, I see why the NRA would argue that. It’s not an insurance company, so it deferred to the experts. The fact that this is apparently not true isn’t the NRA’s fault.

Sorry, but it’s not.

It was Lockton’s responsibility to make the right call on something like this because it’s the insurance broker. It’s the one who understands insurance. If Lockton can provide some proof that the NRA went against its recommendations and somehow sold an illegal product in California, the buck actually stops with them.

But let’s also be honest here. This isn’t about insurance. It wasn’t about insurance in New York, either.

No, this is about the NRA. California, like New York, is anti-gun and the NRA has fought them time and time again on gun regulations. This is nothing more than an attempt to punish the NRA for daring to combat the state in its effort to completely undermine both the letter and the spirit of the Second Amendment.

California wants to run roughshod over the rights of gun owners, and the NRA won’t let them. While other groups are also active in the state, the NRA is the biggest of them all and the one everyone tends to think of when it comes to gun rights organizations. Because of that, it’s the target. It’s the one being attacked.

The truth is, if anyone else were offering an insurance product other than a gun rights group, California would likely be working with them to make sure the product met regulations. But since it’s the NRA, it has to stop selling it immediately.

What California forgets is that the NRA isn’t afraid of a fight. I mean, that what the NRA does. The NRA fights on behalf of members and even non-members if needed. Did California think the NRA wouldn’t fight for itself?

If so, California is more deluded as a state than even I thought.