So what’s left for an anti-gun group to do? Do whatever you can to keep emotions riled up.

Statues depicting people terrified by gun violence represent the latest effort by a gun-control group and its allies to win support for their cause, according to reports.

The statues, created with 3-D printers, are to be “strategically placed in 10 notoriously pro-gun rights districts,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported, while paired with demonstrations led by student organizers.

// // fords Courage, a gun-control group.

The statues were designed with help from Manuel Oliver, an artist who lost his son, Joaquin, 17, in the mass shooting last February at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

The statues are part of a nationwide voter registration drive to urge voters to elect candidates who back gun-control measures, the report said.

Of course, this just proves they can’t win with logic and reason and must resort to trying to sway people through emotional appeals.

But that’s logic and reason. Those are the facts.

So, instead, they create statues of children hiding under desks, fearful of the armed intruder looking to gun them down.

I’d think that at that moment, that fearful child would appreciate Mr. or Mrs. Jones pulling out a pistol to meet the threat and defend their life.