The tragedy that unfolded in Maryland yesterday was troubling. As the media has noted, it’s the third workplace mass shooting in just 24 hours, which is just…weird.

However, this one also showed that with mass shootings, things aren’t always universally true in these events.

mass shooting broke out Thursday in Maryland at a Rite Aid distribution center, about 35 miles northeast of Baltimore. Police say a 26-year-old woman armed with a handgun opened fire on coworkers. Three were killed and three others wounded. The woman then shot herself and later died.

First responders arrived on scene just after 9 a.m., about five minutes after the shooting began.

Terrified employees poured out of the facility as police and medical first responders arrived, finding a horrific scene where seven people had been shot.

Three of the victims died and three others were seriously injured.

The seventh was the shooter, identified by police as Snochia Moseley, a temporary employee of the facility.

“Our suspect is a lone female suspect, age 26, who had a last known address in Baltimore County,” Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said. “She has died at the hospital from a fatal injury, self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

She used a 9mm Glock handgun. Her motive was not made immediately clear.

The fact that it was a female shooter is a big difference here.

Typically, mass shooters are male, but a female conducted yesterday’s shooting. This is the second high-profile attack carried out by a woman this year.

In April, a woman entered YouTube headquarters and opened fire.

Does this represent a new trend for mass shootings? Have the gender equality bunch finally gotten their hooks into mass shooting unions for equal representation?

Seriously, it’s too early for this to mean anything. We don’t know why the killer conducted the attack. We don’t know anything at this point, though I suspect we will sooner or later.

What we do know, however, is that this is another attack conducted with a handgun at a time when the anti-gun zealots are still pushing for an assault weapon ban. We also know that this is yet another mass shooting in a state known for strict gun control policies. Remember, Maryland isn’t one of the first names you think of when it comes to gun control only because states like California and New York exist.

In other words, we just had a mass shooting in a state where they’ve done everything the anti-gunners say we need to do nationally to stop mass shootings.


Of course, I expect there to be more calls in Maryland for gun control measures that will do nothing to address the problem, but allow anti-gun politicians to pat themselves on the back and pretend to be making a difference without even coming close to addressing the real problem. We need to figure out what the hell makes some people flip out and kill folks like this, but that will never happen while politicians are grandstanding.

At least this time, toxic masculinity won’t likely be blamed.