It seemed the gun grabbers had gotten a little smarter. They realized that they were never going to get gun control at the national level, so they started hitting the states hard. There, they could find populations more interested in stripping citizens of their God-given rights and find a foothold.

Now, they figure they’re ready for prime time.

A pro-gun control group will launch a $5 million ad campaign targeting voters in 15 contentious US House races.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, announced Tuesday its plans to reach voters in several congressional swing districts in a new digital ad campaign titled “Not One More.”

The campaign from the group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will initally focus on 15 congressional districts that the group is working to flip red-to-blue or hold onto in tight races. CNN rates seven of the targeted races as a toss up, seven as lean Democrat and one as likely Republican.

The ads including pictures from shootings scenes will run in congressional districts in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Washington and Virginia. One ad reads, “Not one more high school. Not one more church. Not one more concert, office, campus, newspaper, kindergarten class. Not one more.”

Sure. Making these races all about gun control usually works so well for Democrats.

As I’ve noted before, gun control isn’t a great issue for Democrats to campaign on, not because there aren’t supporters out there, but because those who support gun control tend to be more lukewarm in their support. An anti-gun candidate isn’t going to be enough to motivate those voters to go out in November.

But making the race about gun control does motivate one group of people. Gun rights supporters are now going to be far more likely to roll out to oppose the anti-gun candidate. They’ll come out in droves. They’ll make it their mission in life to defeat the candidate in question.

Now, that’s not a big deal in some places. Parts of California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts will embrace the anti-gun candidate without issue, sure. But other areas, even in those anti-gun states, will find these candidates trounced.

That’s fine. It’s like the old saying goes, never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

That’s what this is. This is a major mistake on the gun control group’s part, and I’m over here laughing my butt off at it.

Folks, only the most rabid anti-gunners are going to be motivated to support a candidate by a pro-gun control message. Most are more worried about any number of other issues far more than whether or not someone can buy a gun.

Frankly, most people have enough sense to know that the proposals thrown around aren’t going to do much of anything anyway. Sure, they’re hyped up on emotion right after a mass shooting, but that doesn’t last. They soon realize that the measures being talked about don’t do anything.

So do continue, oh gun control supporters. Let’s make November something to remember.