If you spend much time looking at what anti-gunners are prattling on about you’ll eventually see them lashing out at how the NRA has supposedly “bought” all these politicians. They’re absolutely convinced that the only reason their agenda hasn’t advanced is that the politicians who would vote to support it refuse to do so because they’re scared of the NRA or are too beholden to them.

They can’t fathom that maybe the reason the NRA donates to these officials is that they share similar views on guns.

However, I’m sure the millions Michael Bloomberg is injecting into Democratic campaigns is completely different, right?

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City who is considering a 2020 presidential campaign, will give $20 million to the main Democratic Senate super PAC this week – jolting the national battle for control of the chamber just five weeks away from the midterm elections.

Bloomberg’s intervention bolsters the Democrats’ Senate chances by infusing significant late-season capital into the Senate Majority PAC, a group that had $29 million on hand at the end of August and has been purchasing advertising in expensive media markets.

Bloomberg – a former Republican and declared political independent – says the emotional national debate over sexual assault allegations against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has energized Democratic voters and provides an opening for the party to be more competitive in rallying women and swing voters, his advisers said Tuesday, adding that he sees last week’s contentious hearings as a tipping point.

“Mike was extraordinarily disappointed in the Republican leadership in the Senate and feels increasingly passionate about changing it,” Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey said. “And he’s already enthusiastic about the impact he’s having on House races and increasingly confident that he can contribute to a Democratic takeover.”

The enormous sum brings Bloomberg – who has already pledged to spend $80 million to support Democratic congressional candidates – up to $100 million in spending commitments for the 2018 election cycle, firmly positioning himself in the Democratic camp as he contemplates a bid for the White House.

Bloomberg’s latest emphasis on his allegiance to Democrats comes as he is facing questions about his tenure as New York mayor. His record on policing and economic matters has been criticized as too conservative by some activists.

Sheekey said Bloomberg would send the $20 million check in coming days to the Senate Majority PAC, which works to elect Democrats and is closely aligned with Bloomberg’s longtime friend, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

Republicans hold a 51-49 Senate majority, and GOP strategists have long felt optimistic about the party’s chances of holding onto their narrow edge in the chamber given that Trump remains popular in many key states. But Trump’s continued unpopularity among voters nationally and the charged cultural environment around Kavanaugh’s nomination have prompted top Democrats to increasingly turn their attention to the Senate, even as flipping the House remains the party’s focus.

It’s hilarious to me that money is somehow evil when the NRA uses it but becomes all purity and light when someone like Bloomberg spends it. Talk about the hypocrisy of it all.

I find it amusing that Bloomberg is convinced that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are motivating Democrats, yet hasn’t realized that it’s also motivating Republicans as well, and not in the way Democrats would like. Many are absolutely outraged not just at how Sen. Dianne Feinstein held onto the letter until the 11th hour, but how every allegation is treated as absolute gospel despite there being no corroborating evidence. Even witnesses who were supposedly there are saying they have no recollection of literally anything being alleged.

Only a fool would fail to see that while Democrats may be motivated, Republicans are equally motivated, if not more so.

But hey, if Bloomberg wants to throw his money away to elect people he agrees with on precisely one topic, that’s his business.