Right now, I’m a little sensitive when it comes to the topic of looting. After all, my hometown was devastated by Hurricane Michael. We didn’t get it as bad as some places, but we got hammered pretty good. If you wondered why there wasn’t a lot of content on Thursday, it’s because I had no power to write anything.

Now that I’m somewhere I can, though, the idea of someone taking stuff during a disaster infuriates me.

However, I get a nice chuckle knowing someone thought stealing a police car in the wake of Hurricane Michael, and that they got shot at for it.

Witness Landon Swett said a man tried to steal a police car.

“He yelled at me a little bit. He said, oh I’m looting and he opened the door to the police officer’s SUV with the lights going, got in it and shut the door,” said Swett.

That’s when Swett took his family to safety. Moments later, shots were fired.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a Florida State Fire Marshall was involved in the shooting. Looting is rampant in other areas. Residents said broken doors and shattered windows are all that’s left of many businesses as looters are on the prowl.

“This hit so hard and so fast that the different aspects of human nature is going to come out, and people are going to do anything to survive,” said Christopher Donahue.

Panama City is currently under a dusk-to-dawn curfew to try and reduce the amount of looting taking place.

The looter didn’t survive the encounter, which is hardly something for me to weep over.

Right about now, there are probably people who are willing to bust into places to steal water or food. But I’m sure there are relief supplies in Panama City just as they are in my town. Now, my first thought when I saw the National Guard had brought in MREs for people was, “Haven’t we suffered enough?” Yet it’s food. It negates the need to bust in windows and take people’s stuff.

So when someone turns to loot, it’s probably because they’re too lazy to stand in line to get their share of relief supplies…if that’s what they’re taking. There’s no excuse to steal TVs and such.

When someone turns to loot a police car, though, that’s practically begging for law enforcement to add a little chlorine to the gene pool. Looters who do things so colossally stupid sometimes they deserve whatever happens at that point.

But let’s also be realistic. This is theft, plain and simple. While I can shrug off someone taking food and water when there’s no relief available, anyone taking anything else or stealing when help can be had gets no sympathy from me. Right now, my friends, family, and neighbors have to maintain a constant vigilance because of people like this, and so if one gets shot, so be it.

The only emotion I’ll show is a chuckle at evolution taking place right before our eyes.

Hat tip: The Truth About Guns