It’s hilarious to see what leftists consider to be unbiased media. They always see what they want to see, and many will argue that the vast majority of mainstream media outlets are either unbiased or, at the very least, middle-of-the-road in their politics. It’s amazing how they can delude themselves into believing this.

A great example of this comes from the Tampa Bay Times.

They took a picture of a mailer sent by the National Rifle Association, the kind that every politically-focused group in the country has sent out over the last few weeks, and tried to make a thing of it. The mailer features pictures of Michael Bloomberg and George Soros and warns of them coming for your guns.

As both billionaires are significant funding sources for gun control, it’s understandable hyperbole. It’s hyperbole only because those two won’t personally be coming down to Florida and going door to door. But they’re working hard to make it so others will do just that.

As coincidence would have it, though, they’re both Jewish.

That’s more than enough reason for the Tampa Bay Times to post the picture with this headline:

Is the NRA warning Floridians about gun control advocates or Jewish gun control advcocates?

A mailer from the NRA backing Ron DeSantis for governor warns that Michael Bloomberg and George Soros ‘are coming for your guns.

Do you want to know why we can’t have calm, rational debates in this country anymore?

It’s crap like this.

It’s not enough for the paper to support gun control. That’s its right under the First Amendment, after all. The problem is that it’s not content with stopping there. It’s clearly looking at any way to suggest its opponents are pure evil.

Antisemitism has long been associated with neo-Nazis and is again the subject of discussion in light of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. The Tampa Bay Times knows this, I’m sure.

So why would it suggest this mailer was driven by antisemitism when it’s using two figures well known for funding anti-gun groups?

Well, it’s vital for the Leftists to smear everyone who has the temerity to disagree with them as evil.

They don’t want reasoned debate, they want to demonize anyone who disagrees. They want to make it impossible for someone to have a contrary opinion to them and be comfortable uttering it in public. This is another tactic being used to stigmatize gun ownership. By painting the NRA as anti-semitic, they can then extend that to anyone else who takes a pro-gun position.

In truth, this is really nothing but lazy, biased journalism motivated by ideology, not a search for the truth.

It’s a pathetic attempt to look like it’s raising a question, when really what it’s doing is trying to implant the suggestion in people’s minds. It wants folks to think “NRA” and “antisemitism” at the same time.

The sad thing is, it works.

Right now, people think that the group who believes the best response to the Tree of Life shooting is to put more guns in Jews’ hands is antisemitic. They actually think that because the newspaper told them to think that.

And that’s what is really evil.