Washington state gun control activists weren’t satisfied with I-1639.

While the controversial ballot initiative faces a legal challenge, that doesn’t mean they’re not pushing for more now. We’ve already outlined the activists’ proposals, which are the typical anti-Second Amendment initiatives that have been passed elsewhere.

However, while the media and anti-gun groups put forward victims to try and sell gun control, others are standing up to point out a different point of view.

Jane Milhans, a survivor of home invasion and a women’s firearms instructor, is fighting to keep large-capacity magazines legal.

“She may need more than 10 rounds,” Milhans said of a woman who may fall victim to home invasion, like she did. “If it does take more, making that woman load in another magazine in those seconds are so critical. In a home invasion, those seconds could kill her if she has to reload.”

Milhans teaches NRA-certified concealed carry courses, but is also against the bill mandating concealed carry training, citing the expense of some courses and the waiting period when classes fill up.

As with most gun control proposals, the fight in Olympia this legislative session will likely be heated, with groups like the Alliance for Gun Responsibility on one side and the National Rifle Association on the other.

“My plan is to fight the good fight,” said Brett Bass, a firearms instructor at Bellevue Gun Club. “The demographic trends here aren’t that great if you’re in my line of work.”

Unfortunately, most of the article is giving voice to anti-gun opponents, but at least this time the other side got to be heard.

The problem, however, isn’t just the media coverage. It’s that Washington is a prime example of how a couple of urban centers can completely shift the politics of a state. Seattle has an outsize impact on Washington, and those large urban centers skew heavily liberal.

They don’t have the challenges and needs of their more rural neighbors, nor do they particularly care about those folks either. At least, not from what I’ve seen.

Instead, they seek to dictate to the rest of the state. The Seattle anti-gunners look down on those who disagree with them, treat them like unrefined, uneducated peons who need to listen to their betters.

The fact that none of their proposals have had an impact on crime is entirely irrelevant to them. They don’t care, secure in their sanctimony.

Yet they also remind us why we need to fight, why we can never compromise with them. We have to battle for every inch for one very simple reason. We have no choice.

They don’t view us as equals, as worthy individuals who should be listened to. To them, we’re just mindless drones parroting National Rifle Association (NRA) talking points because we don’t know any better. They never think about the fact that the NRA and other groups tend to be parroting us.

It’s important we don’t allow them to take ground without a vicious fight because they’ll never be content with what they have. They’ll always demand more.

Their endgame is total disarmament, and this is how they’ll do it.