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The group calls itself Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America.

However, nothing it pushes for makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. Instead, its name exists to try and imply that the only thing that makes any sense and could make sense is gun control.

Which, if you look at it rationally, doesn’t make sense.

However, a woman in Kennewick, Washington wants actual sense in her community, and she’s fighting for it. She wants it to be a sanctuary for gun rights.

A stay-at-home mom is leading the movement in her hometown to turn it into a sanctuary city—for gun owners.

You can watch the interview with her here:

Honestly, I love it.

Progressives believed they could create sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants could run free. They would refuse to cooperate with federal officials, basically treating illegal immigrants the same as citizens with regard to immigration laws.

Now, pro-gun counties are opting to do the same, and it’s infuriating to anti-gunners. They’re doing everything they can to try and pretend it’s different, yet they’re forgetting one important thing: both involve law enforcement not enforcing laws.

The difference is that in this case, it’s a law the anti-gun zealots really, really like. That somehow makes it too sacrosanct for this kind of thing.

To be fair, I’ve recently begun to wonder just where this may lead us. If communities continue to ignore laws they don’t like, where will it go, where will it end up?

But that’s an exploration for another day.

For now, we’ve got a woman who is fighting to turn her hometown into a sanctuary city for guns and gun owners. Let’s look at some of the ramifications of this.

Well, one thing we’d probably see is gun owners moving to town. It would become a preferred town in Washington for a whole swath of people throughout not just the state, but the nation. Even those who may end up with a vicious commute may decide to live in a city that respects their right to keep and bear arms and deal with a long drive.

This is likely to do nothing but good for the local economy.

We’d also likely see Kennewick’s crime rate disappear completely. After all, if guns and their law-abiding owners are welcome in the town, criminals might see “working” in the city as hazardous to their health. That’s a win for everyone, gun owners and non-gun owners alike.

I don’t know how successful Grossman-Devereaux will be, but I wish her the best. I also hope she’s not subjected to the hate and vitriol we routinely see from the anti-gunners when someone they think should be on their side isn’t. Minorities and women aren’t allowed to think for themselves in these people’s minds, and the fact that Grossman-Devereaux clearly is will be seen as a betrayal.

Luckily, I suspect the worst of it will be words. After all, pro-gun people are often armed.