AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Earlier this week, we saw how far Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is willing to go to push through gun control should she become president. She fully embraced the role of a tyrant, saying she would create laws out of the ether via executive order.

Gun rights advocates were outraged, of course, as were those leary of executive power in general, but Harris spent the rest of the week trying to bolster her case via social media. Over and over again, she repeated whatever statistics were needed to justify her proposed power grab.

However, over at our sister site Townhall, Beth Baumann notes that Harris’ timing may have been horribly bungled.

And Kamala’s team thought they were genius in announcing their plan during CNN’s town hall.

Except they forgot one fact.

The NRA’s Annual Meetings are taking place this weekend. Thousands of gun-loving, God fearing, patriotic Americans are gathering in Indianapolis to talk about the future of the Second Amendment and how to preserve our freedoms. It’s a time for like-minded individuals to come together and devise a plan, especially before a presidential election year, to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

Well, congrats, Kamala and friends. You all just gave us another reason to rally the troops, to knock on doors and register people to vote.

You may not call it what it is but we will.

You want gun confiscation. You want to disarm us unless we “want to hunt or something.” You want to make it harder for law-abiding people to protect themselves and their families. You’d rather give us a rape whistle and hope it helps than to allow us the opportunity to be proactive.

Beth brings up an excellent point, and that’s the question of how this will impact the NRA Annual Meeting this weekend, and I think she’s right on what that impact will be.

Harris just pissed off one of the most influential groups in American politics right before its annual meeting.

She’s given NRA members across the board something to focus on.

While Eric Swalwell has been pushing the gun control as well, he doesn’t have a strong chance of winning the nomination at this point. He’s not an effective focal point for gun rights supporters. Instead, we point and laugh at the guy who thinks he’ll get to “nuke” us.

Harris, however, may have a real chance at the nomination. The party is backing her, and the base seems inclined to take her seriously. The chances of her squaring off against President Trump are decent.

And now she’s given the NRA something to focus against.

Not particularly smart, but that’s Harris for you.

So I think Baumann is dead on about the impact Harris and her announcement will have at the annual meeting. And, honestly, I suspect the NRA leadership should probably thank Harris for it. It’ll give everyone something to focus on and rally behind, despite whatever else may take place.