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One doesn’t watch “The View” for a balanced discussion of events. Oh, sure, they have a conservative on the show, but Meghan McCain is outnumbered by design. She may not be restrained from articulating her positions, but the number of women on that panel means the liberal point of view gets far more attention, which is why it’s surprising to see one of the liberals agree that politicians should have stayed away from the so-called “vigil” in Highlands Ranch earlier this week.

That’s the same “vigil” that turned out to be an anti-gun rally, prompting pushback by students who had no interest in being pawns in political games.

Considering how vocal she’s been, it’s really surprising that the liberal in question was Whoopi Goldberg.

Liberal “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg criticized Democratic politicians who spoke at a vigil in the wake of the Colorado school shooting on Tuesday, prompting a massive student walkout.

“I think the politicians went too soon. I don’t think they should have been there yesterday,” she said. “I think the kids should have had the time to be with each other.”

She appeared to refer to Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Co., who is also running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, and Rep. Jason Crow, D-Co., both of whom spoke at a school vigil organized by prominent gun control advocacy groups.

For once, I agree with Goldberg on something political.

However, I’ve maintained this position for quite some time. This is new for Goldberg, though I’ll admit that it’s also possible that she’s just been completely clueless that this is how things are done. This isn’t new. Vigils for the victims of gun violence almost invariably turn into anti-gun rallies, unsurprisingly since anti-gun groups are typically behind them.

But Goldberg is right; the politicians shouldn’t have been there.

Then again, maybe Goldberg’s co-host should stop her yapping about anti-gun politics in the aftermath of a mass shooting, too.

“View” co-host Joy Behar reacted to the shooting by decrying the United States’ lack of gun control and the “shame[ful]” reality that children had to protect each other at schools.

“It is the shame of this country that the children have to protect other children,” she said before blasting “feckless leaders” for not acting to prevent gun violence.

Behar also asked the question that many Democrats have asked after mass shootings. “How many children have to die before somebody does something?” she asked, referring to politicians’ inaction on gun control.

She went on to compare the United States to other countries with gun control. “I have a question. I mean, every country has mentally ill people and yet they’re not having these mass shootings,” she said.

Except, they are. They’re just not as publicized as they are in the United States. Let’s not forget New Zealand. However, around that same time, there was a shooting in Brazil and one in the Netherlands.

Yes, other countries have mass shootings. They have mass shootings despite, or perhaps because of, their strict gun laws.

Perhaps Goldberg should place the same moratorium of not speaking immediately after a tragedy on her colleague. It would be a favor to Behar, that’s for sure.