This past weekend is one no one wants to see repeated. A weekend with one mass shooting is bad enough. For there to be two, however, boggles the mind. More than 30 people killed in two separate attacks and once again, Americans are at each other’s throats on the issue of guns and gun control

Nevermind that one of the mass shooters was a fan of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a politician with a strong anti-gun stance.

Regardless, the anti-gunners have once again decided the National Rifle Association is to blame for all of this.

Hundreds of people held vigil outside the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Virginia for the dozens slain in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Gun control groups including March for Our Lives organized Monday’s “Vigil for Remembrance and Change,” which sought to honor the dead and call for stronger gun laws. The back-to-back weekend shootings cost a total of 31 lives and left more than 50 people wounded.

There were the usual anti-gun theatrics of a moment of silence and a recitation of names of those killed.

What there wasn’t, however, was anything approaching a moment of self-reflection.

You see, while anti-gunners are quick to blame the NRA and gun rights supporters for refusing to budge yet again on the Second Amendment, they never ask themselves if there’s anything else that could be done outside of gun control. In fact, they reject any and all efforts to harden targets like schools or look for other solutions. For them, it’s gun control or nothing.

When a pro-gun voice expresses their condolences, the anti-gunners scream about how officials could have done something but refused to pass gun control.

In their minds, there’s no other solution possible.

So, they hold vigils outside of the NRA headquarters. They blame pro-gun politicians and pundits. They blame literally everyone who opposes gun control yet can’t fathom that there might be other options. They’re so focused on the most divisive “solution” they can come up with that they never bother to even acknowledge that there may be things we can come together on.

No, they’re not going to stop backing gun control. I’m not asking them to turn their back on their beliefs, either. Not all of them, anyway. Just the one that means it’s either gun control or nothing.

While they’re quick to blame the NRA for mass shootings, the NRA is doing what its membership demands. It’s defending the Second Amendment the way the membership wants. While there are those who would like to see it sway a bit more one way or the other, the organization itself does what it’s supposed to be doing.

Can the same be said for all those groups who claim to be about “gun sense” or ending “gun violence?” They do nothing but gun control, even though Gilroy took place in California, with all its strict gun laws. As did Thousand Oaks, for the record.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of holding vigils in a pathetic attempt to place the blame on the NRA, those who claim to want mass shootings to end will recognize that maybe it’s time to see what we can agree on and move forward with that. If all of that doesn’t work, fine, let’s have more debate about gun control.

It’s stupid to pretend it’s the only possible solution.