While we’re still waiting to see what President Trump will do regarding guns, thus initiating efforts in the Senate to pass bills that will most likely limit our constitutionally-protected rights, the war on guns continues to rage on. Anti-gunners are using every single line of attack they can find, all in an effort to hurt gun rights.

Part of that effort includes hurting the largest gun-rights group in the country, the NRA.

The gun safety coalition that helped pressure Walmart to stop the sale of military-style ammunition and ask customers to no longer openly carry firearms in its stores is significantly expanding its campaign, NBC News has learned. The group has issued an open letter calling on U.S. companies to break financial or business ties with the National Rifle Association and to stop making political donations to NRA-backed lawmakers.

“After the recent mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, we have been reminded of the painfully high cost we all pay and the toll gun violence takes on our families, friends, communities and neighbors,” wrote leaders of the coalition that includes gun safety groups including Guns Down America, March for our Lives and MoveOn, among others.

“If Congress won’t act, it’s time that you do,” the group wrote, adding, “American employers are already doing more than Congress to keep us safe from gun violence.”

Igor Volsky, director of Guns Down America, told NBC News that with the holiday shopping season approaching, the campaign is likely to target some of the nation’s other large retailers after Walmart’s actions. The coalition is choosing specific targets now before building campaigns around them in the coming weeks, he said.

This follows successful pressure on the financial industry to make life as difficult as possible for the firearms industry. In other words, there’s actually a chance something like this can work.

You see, it doesn’t matter if they actually have the power to actually do anything. All they need is for the companies to believe they can do something if they’re ignored. If someone believes you have the ability to hurt them, it doesn’t matter if their perception is real or not.

So don’t be surprised if more companies start cutting ties with the NRA. Immediately after Parkland, many did. Don’t be surprised if more join them in the coming months.

However, it’s also on us, the firearm community, to also remind these companies that we’re customers too. We need to remind them that while it’s unlikely that many gun control supporters will actually do anything if they refuse, gun rights activists are notorious for severing their ties with companies that disrespect the Second Amendment.

While not all gun rights supporters are fans of the NRA for various reasons, we all know the motivation behind this letter. It’s using the NRA as a proxy for gun rights, rather than taking issue with the NRA as a singular institution. They’re targeting the NRA because it’s the 800 lbs gorilla in the room and nothing more. They won’t stop with the NRA and we all know it.

As a result, expect most to take companies cutting ties as an attack on gun rights as a whole. After all, it is and we all know it.

If that happens, hold on to your butts. It didn’t work out well for Dick’s Sporting Goods and it’s unlikely it’ll work out well for anyone else. It might be a good time to remind everyone else of that fact.

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