Following the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decided to put together a committee to look at mass shootings. He’d done one after Santa Fe High School, but another mass shooting in the state demanded another response, at least in Abbott’s mind.

While there have been some anti-gun sentiments uttered by politicians in the state who really should know better, we don’t really know all that much about what the committee is going to do, especially just now.

That’s not enough to stop some jackwagons from issuing death threats to committee members, it seems.

Top leaders of a new Texas House committee that is addressing issues related to gun violence in the wake of two local mass shootings said Wednesday some of its Republican members have received death threats.

The threats mark the latest confrontation Republican lawmakers have faced by gun rights supporters in Texas, which already has some of the most permissive gun laws in the U.S.

Democratic state Rep. Poncho Nevarez, the vice chairman of the panel, said the lawmakers were targeted “by people who do not want to see any movement on gun issues.” Nevarez declined to comment on who the lawmakers were and did not know if they reported the threats to law enforcement.

Republican state Rep. Drew Darby, who chairs the committee, told the San Angelo Standard-Times two committee members received death threats.

Oh, and what does the committee say they’re going to focus on?

Well, not gun control, apparently.

Bonnen said in a statement last week the committee will look at reducing mass violence through prevention strategies, giving state and local services to affected communities and technology solutions to better detect and prevent threats.

In other words, they’re focused on non-gun control strategies.

Now, Nevarez said he hopes the committee will look at red flag laws and universal background checks, but that’s just a hope at this point.

So why are people issuing death threats?

No, I’m asking honestly. Why?

There is a chance of it being a false flag kind of thing, people who actually support gun control trying to make gun rights people sound insane. I won’t pretend that isn’t a possibility. However, there’s also no evidence of that.

If you’re a Texan gun rights supporter and you’re making threats, knock it. The hell. OFF!

This kind of thing does no good for anyone. No one is going to get a death threat and thing, “Oh, you’re so passionate about the issue that I clearly must be wrong. I’ll change my mind immediately!” They’re not going to be so fearful of some internet rando’s words that they change their public position out of fear.

If anything, it’ll make some who wouldn’t support gun control ordinarily question the wisdom of allowing an armed society.

Great job, you jackasses.

Knock it off.

Look, if you want to make it clear that you oppose any new gun control in the state, do so. I encourage you to do so. I think every gun rights supporter in the state should do so. Make it clear that you do not want your rights to be infringed upon.

But don’t be an idiot about it.

I hope that whoever is making these threats is found and identified. I pray it’s actually gun control advocates rather than Second Amendment supporters. If it’s not, though, I’m going on record as saying that no one on this side of the aisle on the issue should be making any threats. We’re better than that.