There’s bound to be some politicians you wouldn’t vote for to fill any office. “I wouldn’t elect them dog catcher,” is a common refrain, at least around my neck of the woods. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel that way about some folks, too. I think we all do it.

Yet it’s quite another when someone who loses a federal office decides to run for a local race, yet a powerful group who helped him lose that congressional seat decides to go after him yet again.

A gun control group that helped oust Mike Coffman from Congress last year is now targeting the Republican as he runs for Aurora mayor.

// // fords that supports Omar Montgomery, a Democrat, in the open five-way race.

The group says its $50,000 digital ad buy for the 30-second spot is targeted at motivating registered Democrats who are occasional voters to participate in the Nov. 5 municipal election. Aurora voters who fit that profile will likely see the ad online.

Coffman questioned the value of the effort in a statement provided by a spokesperson, saying in part: “The last thing we need is national politics infecting our mayor’s race. Aurora deserves better.”

Now, let’s bear in mind that Colorado has preemption. Aurora isn’t likely to be a place where gun control will be up for discussion. Coffman’s previous support for gun rights is a non-issue for this race.

So what’s the deal?

That’s all this is about.

So it’s personal. Coffman disagreed with them at one time so they want to destroy a man’s career based on that issue in the distant past.

This is pettiness, plain and simple. It wasn’t enough they kicked them man hard enough that he went from running for Congress to running for mayor. Nope. Even that must be destroyed.

Absolutely pathetic.

Always remember that no matter what, these people will hold a grudge against you. It’s not enough for them to beat you, they have to break you as well.

They would do well to remember that two can play that game.