Of course, the term “gun safety” is always a euphemism for gun control. It’s so much the case that absolutely no one buys the claims that it’s anything but gun control.

These champions did not back down in the face of a gun lobby that tried to use their power and influence to block progress,” she continued. “Their arrival in Washington signaled the NRA’s ironclad grip on the House of Representatives was over.”

Of course, I’m also quite sure there were men who also remained in lockstep with their fellow Democrats on gun control. Why aren’t they being mentioned?

Probably because it’s not really about guns or gun control. That’s just an excuse. Instead, they’re pushing identity politics by arguing that “strong women get things done.”

Which, of course, is a lie.

Getting it done means you showed up and made a positive difference. That would require sitting down with Republicans and finding measures they could at least tolerate and maybe giving them a little something in return. None of these women did that.

No, they showed up with fire and brimstone and in the end accomplishing nothing.

So they went to Congress, voted on some bills that aren’t getting passed, and they’re celebrated by a national gun-control organization for that. In and of itself, that would be fine, but that’s not the only reason they’re celebrated. They’re celebrated because they hold the right opinions while also having a uterus. That’s it.

That’s all they’re about, and don’t let them say any differently.

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