There are a lot of people who don’t like the National Rifle Association. I’m not just talking about people on the anti-gun side, either. I know a lot of gun owners who have no use for the organization these days.

However, there are also a lot of lies that surround the group. While the pro-gun critics of the NRA may or may not have listened to those lies, a lot of other people have.

A recent column in the Wall Street Journal seems to have addressed some of those.  It also touched on a few other tidbits worthy of note.

A few years back, I asked a former colleague whom I knew to be pro-Second Amendment philosophically if he owned a gun. He answered no, and then asked if I had one. I said I wouldn’t know what to write down as my reason for wanting one.
He told me, “Write down, ‘Because I don’t trust the government.’ ”
// fords Law Center’s annual Gun Law Scorecard as the nation’s most restrictive after California—the response might be 40 squad cars on the front lawn by morning. I say this only half in jest: Do other Americans buying guns for the first time find it as grating as I do to learn that we need government permission to exercise a constitutional right?