2013 is the year of the gear!

All my favorite gear makers have been burning the midnight oil to come up with products more useful than TV mute circuitry that detects the voices of Piers Morgan and Chuck Schumer.

My latest find (score?) is the Vanquest Javelin VSlinger Shoulder Slingpack. Say that five times with a mouthful of Pop-Tarts.

The basic gist of this pack is…

  • A single shoulder strap that mounts across your body
  • It’s designed to “swivel” from front to back instantly for access to the compartments without removing the pack.
  • It has a support strap which “fixes it” in place when you want to keep it steady on your back while walking, hiking or running from the IRS Obamacare Enforcement Division.
  • Given the “swiveling” design, it’s oriented vertically when on your back, like a traditional backpack. When you rotate it to the front side, it turns exactly ninety degrees and acts like a desk of sorts – with all the main access compartments facing up. This provides visibility and easy access to the contents, and also prevents all your junk from falling out.

Let’s take a look at the rotated-to-the-front scenario. As you can see from the picture below, the main compartment has a serpentine zipper design for access to the main compartment. This is one of those things you have to see to understand. It provides unhindered access to the entire compartment. A straight zipper requires you to separate the halves like a stuck-together taco shell to get at the contents, and corners are hard to reach. Not so with this design.

You’ll also notice that the interior is bright orange ripstop nylon. The bright color makes it really easy to see what’s in there and find gadgets and gear that may have fallen into corners. Why are the insides of other packs always black by the way? I constantly find year-old M&M’s and the occasional Justin Bieber challenge coin lost in the bottom of mine…