Communist Anti-Cop Gym Owner Actually A Filthy One-Percenter

Jim Chambers may have made quite a name for himself with his anti-police policy at EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, which he owns. In addition to banning police, he also has made it clear that he doesn’t want military members there either, though that may be for the best. Many veterans, particularly those who either served or grew up during the Cold War, would be turned off by the Soviet Union flag proudly displayed at the facility.

Social media has filled up over the last day or so with people foreseeing the demise of his gym.

Under most circumstances, you might be right. However, Chambers isn’t your average gym owner either.

No, Jim Chambers is, in addition to having had a couple of run-ins with the law, is part of an extremely wealthy family that tolerates his anti-police hatred.

For example, about a year ago, Chambers was spotted at an Atlanta area farmer’s market yelling, “PIGS!” at uniformed police officers doing their duty. Of course, the brave man he was, he did it knowing the police aren’t nearly as bad as he likes to pretend. If they were, they’d have thrown him to the ground and pounded him into the Earth itself.

Chambers himself appears on Reddit where the topic was being discussed and admits to his actions, also admitted that a few years previously, he “did something f**king awful,” which appears to allude to a 2013 arrest for domestic battery and false imprisonment, for which he was released on bond. A third charge was dropped.

If there’s any doubt that’s the same Jim Chambers, note the neck tattoos visible in the 11 Alive story, then compare them to the tattoos in the same area on the mugshot.

Not enough for you?

Well, then we have this story about the closing of a boutique Chambers owned and his wife managed. It refers to the incident at the farmer’s market. It also outlines another brush with the law.

Chambers reportedly posted on Facebook that he took some kind of psychoactive drug—apparently recreationally—and woke up hallucinating. He then allegedly got out of bed and began wandering the neighborhood. Naked.

The police were called and he was again arrested. In his account, he continues to act like the police were completely out of line, but anyone with a brain knows there’s another side to that story. Considering his noted hostility towards police while not under the influence of drugs, it’s not difficult to imagine that he may have been less than cooperative while under it.

Perhaps the most interesting thing, however, is who Jim Chambers really is. From the story about the boutique closing:

For those who may not know, Jim Chambers is the entitled grandson of Anne Cox Chambers, whose father created Cox Enterprises.  Today, Cox Enterprises owns dozens of media and business properties including the AJC, WSB-TV, Manheim, Kelley Blue Book, AutoTrader and Valpak.

While Chambers claims it is in fact his wife who runs Henry & June, his poor behavior and the causes he supports have definitely impacted the business, in the most negative ways possible. (Chambers is also part owner in EAV Barbell, a gym specializing in weightlifting that opened this past spring.)

In addition to at least two known brushes with the law, both of which sound like the kind of thing most of us would spend some quality time in jail for, Chambers is also part of one of the richest families in the state of Georgia.

In other words, while he’s spouting communist nonsense and bashing the police, he’s living a life of privilege provide through the capitalist system and protected by the very police he’s spewing hatred toward.

It sounds like boycotting his gym won’t be enough to push him out of business. In fact, it appears that the people who complain about the horrible cable and internet service provided by Cox Cable are, at least in part, going to help keep that gym open. Or, at the very least, keep Chambers living in comfort to spew his hate.